Poeticly political sprayed , from my mental bank speaking out-loud
as i verse words/ scribe notes/ vibe off daily living in creative blogs.
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  1. When we view an reverse order often we see through a mirror of self image
    where we play in our minds to be one and the same creating an activity, a wave from the unknown
    Here I am of this world to wreak an earthly havoc against the disaster made upon my people, while my transent transform your death into a life, "Breathe" a rebirth of new generation has come that will not stop until destruction dances in reverse against the (oppressor) where we may sing in glory a beautiful show, my fight shall not end until corruption dissolves and the earth made aglow it is then that my heart will smile as we join hands under a union as we unify a structure, this foundation will not crack/break nor sink because the gift of the mind that's free has wisdomize it's solution for the evil pollution that has many of my worldly brotherens and sisteras in submissional illusion.

    The path written has been rooted inside the historic history for only a free mind will come face 2 face with it's callings, as it leave a footprint note of knowledge upon thee, I've seen my coming not as mortal man but a living warrior , I shall not die nor rest until i taste victory and watch my people released from every form of bondage, we will stand on the community glist , before the envy of our enemies there as they wisk away in defeat.

    We are born black by chance, we become Black Men by choice. When Black men love Black womanhood like they love Basketball, when Black men practice Marriage like they practice Basketball, that's Revolutionary lovemaking, Sankofa!

    Men who are proud to be Black marry Black women: Black men and Black women are an inseparable reflection of one another. A Black man who loves Black women demonstrates love for his self. A Black man who respects Black womanhood displays respects for his own Black manhood. A Black man who protects his Black woman shows that he knows how to protect himself is power, that power is Revolutionary when we all become of this it is then we will find our true unity...

    Our beloved sistahs , mothering gifts to all our lives should be honored daily, they are the truth and light and very important to our completion, Queenz of greatness behold for we are coming home not as man but men of honors, warriors, protectors, fathers,Husbands,lovers our arrival is near await us in celebration .

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  2. Year 2014 , Da city of darkness upon the life as clouds rolls smoke grey smutty
    da death total rise , city cries in pain , Chicago became the battle ground of craziness
    lives lost from corner to corner streets run red ....My Gun was once a protector steel
    now it's the way and what is deal , Chicago maze of death what when wrong and the

    use of guns , today the play in the bang game for fun taking life not to let live while
    many cries and silent prayers families gives , City dark cloud still hang low , guns

    ring out by da blow night skies light up in a smoky glow bodies lay around as da
    total grow....Walks and march toe to toe still many continue to let the blood flow
    maybe we going about it all wrong , none voice and backward tone , CPD have no
    clue yet da cry what will they do, under the ring like chitty bang bang , six feet down

    and no one to blame , how can we continue to bring about unity when we can't stop
    the bleeding in every community.

    Justice un-served yet the law so yes to the guns that's making us less
    mentally confused on how to use , yet they say it's there tool , really

    how cool is that to see another brain splat , not just a brother mother or sister
    but the babies , children of the future , wake up Chicago can't you see

    get off this Chiraq crap let live and free, Nicki Minaj making off our backs , songs
    dropping like hell and thunder while the city rumbles ,why walk and feel proud

    when the city is under this dark cloud .....well Chicago here we go again another
    sad weekend now the 4th is upon us for sure death angel ready to make a splash
    take as many in the dash .

    I guess it's best to keep the flag at half staff and purple ribbon it's bow


    GUNS & ROSES .....next up
  3. Through the sinner of maze, the journey unto life , each motion was made with great
    intent, I moved from streets of destruction into the valley cross the cities in states.
    The funny thing about life is, there's always "one more thing." Chances are not seen
    beyond the madness of inner minds to see outside the box, American drama is alive!
    as I work for the quest of unity, fighting for justice and in the battle of peace for life
    for the love and hope, I watch collectively the nation fall deeper into the slumber of

    They return to the hole, but find that it has collapsed and covered in the blood that
    spill onto the land, I weep in the salty grain of madness before me , unity seem in
    the great distance of nowhere , I join the group as I formed the group to organize
    rebuild and rebuff the truth of America and it's true keepers , I had the honor to hub
    with every side , every corner with every man, learning unity to unite not a people
    but a nation while crossing pathways lives lost yet a new life member was born.

    Hear me; As their abilities grow more powerful, function like a muscle, becoming
    stronger with use. The trio develop a close friendship and begin employing their
    abilities and they say (white man can't jump)it's a lie , they say we are our own
    sorrow only half truth yet still not televised .

    I learn we can't unite between self alone , we can't see beyond the shores, but
    in the sea it rumbles in fighting waves, the land crumbles from it's reality, still
    I keep moving, marching, preaching, speaking, against the many obstacles of
    poverty and neglected people, when I choose to be down for life I committed
    my all with a help line a source or supply from which benefit is produced, my
    hands fed three thousand seventy one souls , hub with marchers speaking from
    every note to bring peace against guns , brothers vs brothers sister and mothers.

    Dealers and members of American drama wasn't found in the community not
    on the street but in the hidden secrecy of society ,media never televise the
    payee but the payer is hit as the problem when one forgotten to look inside the
    reflectional mirrows of self image, we fight the inner demons , we fight the self
    pitty the anger of history instead of gracing the value of historical moments.

    I journey down into a place where I found no return, but a beginning to another
    piece added into the bank of black history, the chronicle of America is who we are
    why run from the very place we built and birth and raised , our baby the bed we
    made and today the mission is to clean it up.

    I fight" I fight the cause.
  4. Life is the sum of experiences that we encounter as we go through life.
    Day to day struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world's creatures.
    As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to choose
    how to react.

    Every decision that we make leads us down a different road. We will never come to exactly the same crossroads.

    Every decision the we make has significance. The tiniest choice that we make reverberates throughout the entire universe.

    Satisfying the social hunger of life's poverty this struggle one must begin with
    feeding on the Bread of Life, the mighty of word of God. Let me begin, then,
    by saying that we can , yes we can move mountians , stumbling blocks.

    Man struggle has never faded yet been resolved only deeping into the clash
    of poverty that storm our communities abidden up from an uprise as we fall
    prey to the western teaching and believe we no more then what is labled us
    we lost way from the motherland our ancestors, forefathers and our meanings.

    this has brought an greater struggle upon us as people but time we restore
    rebuild, reverse and rethink life of which we........................ live pt.2 next
  5. THUG LIFE MYTH.....Da Truth

    Posted 05-07-2008 at 10:42 PM by $$RICH$$

    Thug Life / wide spread myth
    This story takes no prisioners nor to empower a mind but feed a
    direction to reality from the myth of cause that has taken into a
    divisional maze form......Don't be feed into the myth or get caught
    up on the tale of fiction, there's nothing strong about thuggish life.

    Where male and female of street core has vamp the hold of greed to
    empower themselves under false notions, when life is an open window.
    Minds become a battle ground of reperation and emotions for power
    and to be notice, where love is pitted between common knowledge and
    root of simple sense in life.
    From the nation outside mission of brutal ruffian forces of thugs embody
    the whole as assassin to bodly harm in a destructional massive deed, our
    very own troops trained to be as thuggish.
    Now from the entrapment of mental deficiency of humanization life, the
    word has peak into a division of it's own and taken roles as empowerment
    from means as i'm bad to wildness of action or as by a group or related
    gang who become the structure of many followers.
    Thug life takes on another clash from the funky style to baggie clothing
    pass through the form of massive beings as a ruffian quicky adopt the thug
    style like street hood ganstas,mobs of men become the gang of hired handz
    strap with weapons as the power grow the artillery of destruction grows
    in the land of the living and we find it fitful to lable these people as thugs
    one ware the face of badness empound to power over it's own who has
    honestly been taken hostage under motivation they become beauty and
    beast ramshacked on illusional humanity.
    This begin to move from corner to corner , city by city as life become an
    maze openly yet defeated by the handz of man killing rise for power not
    to feed the mind or gain wizdomize knowledge to fight depression, today's
    women get caught up in the likelyhood of this myth of infomation fast lane,
    they become attractive for the sour note of bling bling diamonds, platium
    and gold at the prices untold, lost into the controller of no face sheilded in
    darkness of fractured dreams and mental confussion where the beauty of
    man is loyality his honor and respect as to thuggish tale of the beast the
    love for guns and deadly deeds they so no truth or love to a woman worth
    as to a wild woman who only find love in the mist to steal , cut and betray
    it all leave a taste you're never forget and that's to kill or be killed.
    Beauty of man is to hunt, beast of man the hunter to endanger we quickly
    say so call thugs on lables even seen on cable, did you know every time it's
    spoken thug it gain power get stronger , become deeper and heavier upon
    the struggle of life itself.

    Passing through time zones of life and the myth that lives within the walls
    of minds and what's instill in the temple as it's manifested on the streets
    for mental corruption, thug life taken millions young and old not allowing
    truth to take hold and minds grow but teaching of myth thuggish mission
    as rap hip hop take it deep feeding lyrics of destruction beats i close my
    eyes only to vision the remain, from a destroyer of it's own kind in war
    of self held bondage, shackled in greed i only see color red blood running
    free onto the cities street another soul lost at the cost of misguided myth
    of thug life , this only leave pain and empty voids to life's living and killing
    the hope of dreams , stopping the movement , my pain speak in grief when
    i walk on city street seeing brothers and sister falling in love to the corrupt
    power as they hug the thug tale into a forever and hold mold, it become
    there higher love , guns become there child to embrace .
    Thuggish become a hard life in silent voices where millions made it their
    choice of dismay and still i see the word play, teaching the wrong way
    instill child they become the new tools to use as defense to power, my
    this all a deep sorrow brought to screams and broken dreams as franticly
    doors slamming occupation vanishing ,sensation tarnish , knowledge melting
    wisdom fly people vs people laying down to die , i weep in the blood that
    stain, we losing the battle and lost the war, to deem the tale from under
    this thug life spell hope and faith we build to restore through the zone
    time nolonger await the fate of living , thug life against worriors mentors
    thug life soja's taken side against the black freedom pride into a divided
    calvery from the mission of great unity brother's like Malcolm , King and
    Garvey, they boxing life into a corner and to millions a four corner cell
    become home profounded use of the word so loose find our minds hanging
    from another noose, time to free the mind from thuggish myth and realize
    we are not dramatize or assassin to deed but people of life's big creed.

    Ladies of history wake up from this thuggish maze and your feverish will
    to feel the love of a thug, he's destructional fill with hate and will be the
    one to break your life plate, don't be a chick on the side be a woman of
    greater pride don't get pulled in to this myth of silliness who will place you
    in danger never to know if it your last ride they love not or feel just seeking
    this power and thrill.
    But today so many play in the thuggish life maze that the massa has gave
    and labled us to be and the people of poverty in the corrupted corruption
    of lavish life, these kind can never be a real man or can make you his wife
    just destructional enslaved to his game and fame of power his own shower
    him in as foot troops to his will and that's to beat and kill , we on the edge
    of a double sword thug life is no life just made up but some smart hype
    see thugs kill your soul replace it with dope and gold
    thugs don't respect or pose any worth just a walking devil under curse
    of the myth and stolen gift that 's been given , we're no true thugs nor
    will we ever be because we don't do deeds and blow up ourselves like
    they do , kill and take our lives like fools , we don't know war of mad
    destruction and we can't even come out of struggle so how can we
    be thugs to the third power it' all a myth so get your backing and fine
    your true history just some are misguided lost and confused just foolish
    and not so cool who want to rule the tale of myth inside thug life drift,
    beware of the choices you choose and rise , walk from the edge
    and stop the spread that thug life has passed.

    (quote: There's nothing thuggish about wannabe's just confused nor do one pose
    the style of a thug for he haven committed acts of terror to be as assassin to his
    deed of assassination he just a man foolish and a wannabe)

    Thug life of myth and the meanings it betray! act: II

    Thuggish has been and will live in the skin of blackawareness
    because many accepted the definition given by the white power
    that's been forced into the mental mind, but no proof found that
    blacks are assassin or terrorist of massive destruction just mental
    power over it's own to battle it's own within it's own to destroy self
    blacks people of color are no means thugs but cast upon by there
    action and language and the accepting facts that bad is thuggish
    the word has taken on it's own merit of means and spreaded widely
    known facts that this word was given it's the spin from the word GUHT
    guht is a NHS contact database reference directories , leads defined
    health records / library access / Library access and the term from scotland
    by the British /indian where it was manifested into the american common english
    this word became a guide to lable people of color and divide as lower class
    it was mentally fed into memories to believe the first track of it was Thuggee or
    Tuggee from the sanskrit root to conceal mainly applied to fraudulent concealment
    was an indian cult, sometime described as the world's first Mafia organization from
    the 13th to 19th centuries worshipping Kali most members known as thugs which
    was twisted from the word guht by the higher power britishmen and was originated
    off the indian word that pass into common english during british occupation of india
    the Englishman transform the word guht backwards into the term Thug or Thuggish
    defined it to massive murder or assassin of terror, destruction, and labled the race
    of lower class by whites as thugs and fed into the american system of belief by no
    reality that people of color are Thugs or thuggish in any form , but only by the myth
    reaching deeper into the line of a thug and life it's displayed unto blacks mainly
    Rappers as thugs by the lyrical means or cross dress of garments and chains
    they drap around the neck to continue it's strong myth roots that blacks are thugs
    or acts of thuggish which is indeed a lie and holds no reality and truth beyond what
    we hear and read and who defined it ... we speak it and ware it like pride and to be
    proud of but the rude awaken is there's nothing to grace as being thuggish you only
    saying you are a study or database of directories /reference or occupational to Kali
    to it's belief and terrorist of destruction and assassin.

    PART II Thug Life Blog chapter 3 & 4 next

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  6. Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying; “I will try again tomorrow.” Follow your dreams. They know the way.

    Don't fear the Blackness

    Here I am of this world to wreak an earthly havoc against the disaster made upon my people, while my transent transform your death into a life,"Breathe"a rebirth of new generation has come that will not stop until destruction dances in reverse against the (oppressor) where we may sing in glory a beautiful show, my fight shall not end until corruption dissolves and the earth made aglow it is then that my heart will smile as we join hands under a union as we unify a structure, this foundation will not crack/break nor sink because the gift of the mind that's free has wisdomize it's solution for the evil pollution that has many of my worldly brotherens and sisteras in submissional illusion.

    The path written has been rooted inside the historic history for only a free mind will come face 2 face with it's callings, as it leave a footprint note of knowledge upon thee, I've seen my coming not as mortal man but a living warrior , I shall not die nor rest until i taste victory and watch my people released from every form of bondage, we will stand on the community glist , before the envy of our enemies there as they wisk away in defeat.

    We are born black by chance, we become Black Men by choice. When Black men love Black womanhood like they love Basketball, when Black men practice Marriage like they practice Basketball, that's Revolutionary lovemaking, Sankofa!

    Men who are proud to be Black marry Black women: Black men and Black women are an inseparable reflection of one another. A Black man who loves Black women demonstrates love for his self. A Black man who respects Black womanhood displays respects for his own Black manhood. A Black man who protects his Black woman shows that he knows how to protect himself is power, that power is Revolutionary when we all become of this it is then we will find our true unity...

    Our beloved sistahs , mothering gifts to all our lives should be honored daily, they are the truth and light and very important to our completion, Queenz of greatness behold for we are coming home not as man but men of honors, warriors, protectors, fathers,Husbands,lovers our arrival is near await us in celebration .


    D.Bass aka $$RICH$$


    we will always see what is needed done yet we will always not move and when we do
    it will not be in unity less we become free from mental enslavery to act as people, so
    often the mind is left wondering there form it never sleeps.
    We're coming




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  7. It is with my highest hope of understanding as well overstanding the calling
    what awaken me from my mental sleep was from the great grave of thy
    forefather, while my great process of poetry under da love of heart written
    there was a greater void that held me until it was seen through darkness
    many think dark is blackness a total of nothing but what's inside of darkness
    is a greater light of beauty one each and own must fine within self to understand
    this man talked to me .......the image i searched and searched and searched
    was it an act of the almighty above was it a calling from the grave is beyond me
    but that don't matter now !
    in full (who am I).......I am more then what is seen yet I am known as $$RICH$$
    still yet I am Dyrell Bass american born unto a land that care not for me a place
    that say go home . Home where is home when i was born here is Africa my place!
    while being disrespected// racially profiled // corrupted // mentally enslaved //
    for being black - how i watch my people be treated in the worse way and every
    leader in which they stood take action but only in a battle that's yet unfolded
    hero's not for the reward is to continue da work of those before you and look beyond
    Inside my story lay is mission a reason and deed to a cause that we are not yet
    justifed in this ameri-land and blacks/african/ and or american's so to the table I sit
    in hope that the awakening of my coming be heard and what position I take in this
    struggle upon the hardship and poverty against the families of black people.

    Let me share this awakening call and what i found !

    This man came to me out the shadows of death for he was known as good/ uncorrupted
    and was judged as fearless I found through my lines of historic roots he was
    my family Joy Bass 1838 / 1910 he was born a slave to the slavemaster Reeves
    who change his name to Bass Reeves , Bass Reeves was one of the first black lawmen west of the Mississippi River. As one of the most respected lawmen working in Indian Territory, he achieved legendary status for the number of criminals he captured.
    Bass Reeves was born a slave in Crawford County in July 1838. His owners, the William S. Reeves family, moved to Grayson County, Texas, in 1846. During the Civil War, Bass became a fugitive slave and found refuge in Indian Territory (modern-day Oklahoma) amongst the Creek and Seminole Indians. Reeves is believed to have served with the irregular or regular Union Indians that fought in Indian Territory during the Civil War.
    After the Civil War, Reeves settled in Van Buren (Crawford County) with his wife, Jennie, and children. Oral history states that Reeves served as a scout and guide for deputy U.S. marshals going into Indian Territory on business for the Van Buren federal court. In 1875, Judge Isaac C. Parker became the federal judge for the Western District of Arkansas, which had jurisdiction over Indian Territory. This court had moved to Fort Smith (Sebastian County). In 1875, Reeves was hired as a commissioned deputy U.S. marshal, making him one of the first black federal lawmen west of the Mississippi River.
    During his law enforcement career, Reeves stood 6'2" and weighed 180 pounds. He could shoot a pistol or rifle accurately with his right or left hand; settlers said Reeves could whip any two men with his bare hands. Reeves became a legend during his lifetime for his ability to catch criminals under trying circumstances. He brought fugitives by the dozen into the Fort Smith federal jail. Reeves said the largest number of outlaws he ever caught at one time was nineteen horse thieves he captured near Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The noted female outlaw Belle Starr turned herself in at Fort Smith when she found out Reeves had the warrant for her arrest.
    In 1887, Reeves was tried for murder for the shooting of his trail cook, but he was found innocent. In 1890, Reeves arrested the notorious Seminole outlaw Greenleaf, who had been on the run for eighteen years without capture and had murdered seven people. The same year, Reeves went after the famous Cherokee outlaw Ned Christie. Reeves and his posse burned Christie’s cabin, but he eluded capture.
    In 1893, Reeves was transferred to the East Texas federal court at Paris, Texas. He was stationed at Calvin in the Choctaw Nation and took his prisoners to the federal commissioner at Pauls Valley in the Chickasaw Nation. While working for the Paris court, Reeves broke up the Tom Story gang of horse thieves that operated in the Red River valley.
    In 1897, Reeves was transferred to the Muskogee federal court in Indian Territory. Reeves remarried in 1900 to Winnie Sumter; his first wife had died in Fort Smith in 1896. In 1902, Reeves arrested his own son, Bennie, for domestic murder in Muskogee. Bennie was convicted and sent to the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kansas.

    This man was a warrior of good vs evil and gave me signs to walk the path laid for unsong black men in a war today so divided / corrupted and unlawfully, as my story goes from the bark root of thy forefather and what stood as greatness (I in hope to now take my place in the circle of life) one that might not allow me to see the end or reach the full bloom of us in unity, but my spirit and memory will be there inside my story yet written.
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  8. AMERICA and ME...

    Posted 10-08-2008 at 02:25 AM by $$RICH$$

    America and me is one tale spin to the next in a place on earth where i
    must face reality the pain and all it's matter from the destructional walls
    of racism to the poverty and struggle of black people even mother Africa !
    Our Blackmindz are as free to speak , learn and rise above our sinners who kiil any thought we may present in life . The tyme for change is now within us as a people .

    America and me has been on blast from birth and labled by the CIA / FBI / GOV and the security of our welfare base on the color of our skin and not the creed of our character as people
    We now face the worse of times through blind minds and broken dreams , divided thinking and selfishness
    we are at lost for who we are and what we are in life and our goals , even been taken down from our own self actions the way we walk and talk , dress America has alwayz been the landz for slavery and it's trade against blackz
    we now face the poorest of jobs / lowest of school learning time we empower our mindz but first we mush see self as oneself in the mirror and defind who one is and what movement self in, Life has toss a myth upon us and broke any chance of common bonding a unity or to unite.

    This story blog change face every time a soul change it's true rights and step away from it's rightful place in this none liberty not so free land. we have forgotten about our women the greatest treasure of life as we replaced it with hurtful/harmful and deadly tongues like a poison ship sailing.

    We the people of this land to form a more perfect union and bring forth our own understanding, Me in amerika under the falls of shameful deeds /acts and awareness has closed in on a whole new way to fight a system that's strong when it's back by greed / supremacy and other dirty deeds against blackz'
    the fight is bigger then me now it a us war !
    Wisdom & knowledge and unity is the best weapon we can pose in this battle , we must rise to the facts and task as blackmindz.

    There's no place like da journey of timez
    in da streets of fracture dreamz and blind mindz
    pitted under da slumber of death sleepers
    to da cry of hollow scary weepers
    Soulz taken in mass destruction
    many live in america's corruption
    like da falsely hood of jubelee
    divided from us and da power of we
    Heartz broken like frozen glass
    brothers and sisters displayed in mask
    as bodies count rise rapidly fast
    we da people now on blast
    Save me , save me from my sorrow
    take me away from such deadly horror
    allow me to walk in my great morrow
    and give me as i live my daily flower
    I stand big, yet not as an tower
    and still i fight in unities battle
    my life un-glue yet need no power
    for i have hope faith by da hour
    Stuck in tis colour maze
    suited in armor of silver glaze
    rage of destructional blaze
    still my mind is never cage
    I journey through life's single page
    in america's cities stage
    fighting da witts of poverty waves
    under da struggle dat's been laid
    Odds that i may not live
    so i call out unto u peace be still
    unite as people under his willing
    and let us not continue this unity killing
    I am of clay, da dirt of his mold
    only one man who stand apath bold
    breaking bread as history unfold
    so i may pen da america's new stroll
    Lable me not as an hero
    but a black man a brother u know
    one that's in america's sad show
    fighting round for round blow by blow
    soon it will be done
    for my eyez like raising in da sun
    my body of ash dust 2 dust
    remember it wasn't about me but the us

    Only In
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    Posted 05-06-2008 at 01:49 AM by $$RICH$$
    Who Am I .......
    I am the wind that blowz cross your face
    the one that feed you love & grace
    I am the heart to be sought that very one like da
    grain under your feet the soul many wish to seek
    I am the earth body and soil the heat that makes
    things boil under my temp.
    My love is not the game but how it's played
    unconditional , I am life which we live food to the
    soul and passion to heart, I am the beginning and
    the end , I am the air which you breathe
    the embrace in you space that tenderly squeeze
    I am the daydream and the shadow
    I am a brother a man name $$RICH$$ one that
    bring loyal and happiness
    I am peace honor and respect a journey a friend
    as well mystery
    I am yesterday today and tomorrow
    I am a poet/writer a thinker and chooser a leader
    uncage by mind i am the great sail of the sea
    I am what they call complete every day of the week
    I am the steps that u walk and the voice of ya talk
    I am what you envision in heart body and soul
    the whispers you hear, the brave knight beyond da fear
    I am secrecy many speak the dropletts of rain
    under thy feet.
    so who am i , a bridge which you walk a shelter
    to protect you , I am the cloth to cover you
    I am, what i am ,that i am in me .

    On my New Wave Un`Famously Creation

    Posted 05-04-2008 at 04:21 PM by $$RICH$$

    :new:VANIKU ~V~ Vankwish

    Like da great Haiku of a Japanese style of poetry with a pattern of 17 on a
    5-7-5 format .

    here's a Nu~wave creation called da Flying ~V~ Vaniku vankwish style of
    poetry written in 15 on a 5-4-3-2-1 formatting style this one can't be done
    any other way but one style and way , it's being introduced to the world of
    poet's and was created by mental thoughts as da mind was flying in mid 2007
    Nu~wave Creation gave birth to this mix and it's more so from da adverse of
    english and culture bond spliced from da great well known Haiku
    as it leads into da third world it's also a form to express love and peace as
    victory ! and open da mystery .

    It's like abc's unrhymed yet connecting to kiss da next verse or line, now it
    can be done rhymatic with flair which is a nice way that will give a more free
    style base, the ~V~ of expression is now takening da poetic world by storm.

    Here is a maze of how it's created

    As you notice the pattern top starts with (A to E) and end in (A)
    as it drops the vowl E become silent going backwards to reverse self
    forward and then backwards there are four twist in the maze .

    Here's a sample of the ~V~ Vaniku Vankwish or vanquish
    I held your hand tight
    bonding our love
    me and you

    Can u find the hook and catch that mentally challenge u and let u know
    you have written a great piece , but not always do this pattern have to
    work to bring out the masterpiece of expression .

    This formation is the sister of the great Japanese art form of Haiku poetry
    expressional writing known as the new wave flying ~V~ vaniku vankwish or
    vanquish which means (To gain mystery over ) in emotion, it will release stress
    and give a relaxation of comfort to the mind and soul of feelings of love and peace.

    The creation was mentally set and now flying through it's life of 2007 and today's
    time we see it written by some of the most talented poet's through Destee.com
    poetic forum, where it was created by $$RICH$$ a poet of the Destee.com family
    working to find the right nitch it was a long coming ~V~ through wild life and up-
    liftment to tame da mystery that plage da mind of stress for release and relaxation

    Vaniku : is a unrhymed verse with a beginning and ending likeness with five lines
    in 15 syllables expressing a version of poetry a poem in a v shape style called the
    flying ~v~ and sister to the Japanese art form .
    *A*..................... *E*
    ~v~................... ~v~
    ***~v~ ...........~v~***
    ********* ~v~***********

    It's now here in waves trying to catch on with it's unfamous version of
    creation poeticly , every poet should try to master this style of expression.

    Enjoy the new wave creation .
    Copyright 2007 @ $RICH$
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  10. Fighting Daily Issues

    Posted 05-15-2008 at 10:51 PM by $$RICH$$

    I have to fight every day,not with the fist but the mind on our struggle
    how i see us collectively and the deadly deed of the street corners.
    I have to fight the Racism and word play with a mental goal, then
    carry a work load where you are the target and preyed upon with
    stupidity / foolishness and games that's not related to work.
    I have to fight my eyez for when they see how so many left homeless / hungery
    as i walk into the hood i fight the realism of life of drugs and the war of turff
    before i can enter my home i face another delima of Bills rolling in like a bad habit.

    There are Issues of right and wrong / who live and die who is played and who playing.
    I have to fight off things like stress / pain and all the folks on my check

    Uncle sam pointing at me , keeping me in a class while sir Tax slap me hard
    one name state other Fed then med who is FICA and the 401k
    so i fight with a sound mind and good will to strive , a smile and inner power
    I fight with words of encouragement / comfort and hope
    I fight the dreams that seem so far off and unreal beyond feelings.
    These daily issues enter upon wake-up and lingers til i fall in my slumber,
    Then in between i fight the school where my children not learning
    the reality / the truth and it's culture but fed a myth of whitewash teaching
    So late night schooling i am , as teacher / father a friend
    these daily issues continues to wrap around the mind one after another.

    Gas up Up Up way up to where you need to carpool / ride a bike or just walk.

    So i ask what pill can i take to clear it all up
    what steps do i take to make it go away
    are there any relief in stored .
    what price do a black man pay to see freedom / relief.

    Is my only way out , is to meet the death angel in the light of everlasting
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  11. trMr.Novel love's for Ms.Poem pt.2

    Posted 12-27-2009 at 11:09 PM by $$RICH$$

    Mr.Novel love for Ms.Poem 2

    On the river bankz of joy
    i sit in da shadows of you
    awaiting my day to love in
    a rapturous moment of shared
    feelings and verse our stay
    As a novelist to your desires
    and you my poetry of emotions
    we become one huge story inside
    a chocolate cocoon and inked in
    a liquid vast of morrow my dearest
    i so need thee and loveth unconditional
    My Tales is the past and the present
    the night and day and you
    i so stain pages and quill down life
    that has betrayed me but still i stand
    upon the foundation waiting for you
    to come and be my everlasting Ms.Poem
    write me again !

    Lyrical Maze
    Posted 12-26-2009 at 01:59 PM by $$RICH$$​
    My reflection mirror image
    on bending, twistin lines of scrimmage
    holdin close to my face
    inside of this maze dat's taken place
    blind on what's never seen
    heard da voices of hallo screamz
    going in a none vertical twist
    on an upside down mental glist
    going through an complex tour puzzle
    at an complex branching passage muzzle
    da speed is lightyears like orbiting life
    hidden inside da labyrinth rought
    on turns dat's yet to be sought
    so i kept moving as i faught
    da distinguished tales
    of these difficult to navigate spells
    cast upon my hand of brand
    as i stand along in this lyrical maze
    i'm just not fazed n life's comsumption
    Da $R rights Reserved 09
    Posted 12-27-2009 at 10:51 PM by $$RICH$$​
    Bubbling cascading dreamin eyez
    calls my love onward unto her morning shine
    my heart is flush upon da moment of us
    as i look her in da eyez , I see in depth
    a morning glory to praise, and a blissful treat
    yet lovely moment of connection love beatz
    She attracts me with da notion of a blink
    the way she look as her eyez begin to speak
    dat make me become submissional weak
    I caress her intently as i read her eyez
    to look upon her i get mesmerize
    wit a hypnotic glist of rapidfire
    she become my greatest of loves desires
    Beyond words i hear her inside my slumber
    da whispers of yes ' babe yes " my heart rumble
    asking me to behold and comfort
    to love and adore wit compassion
    to treasure and respect wit cares
    all i can do is smile when i look into them eyez
    Feeling grow on each look
    deep in her eyez a love cook
    beyond a touch mentally we clutch
    in a sensual cascading creativity
    those eyez like da radiant starz above
    all i can do is submit my love.
    Something about them eyez wooooo!!!


    Posted 12-26-2009 at 04:12 PM by $$RICH$$


    Once i looked into her eyez
    there was a host of glisting starz
    a celebration of love unfound
    yet broken from da past dat mound

    Beyond da pain and salty tearz
    lay hope but love and truth da heart fearz
    too broken yet feel so free
    as i embrace her love to come upon me

    As i celebrate da beauty she instill
    and lift her spirit wit all my will
    unchain da spirit to fly
    go belove dance up high

    Looking from my third eye
    as she move me , my my my !!
    her soul glowing into da night
    a blazzin spirit, a wonderful sight

    Celebrating what i now found
    deep inside a woman to love
    surely an angel from above
    as she plant her feet upon this ground

    She is a Celebration my heart
    has found.

    Nu~wave Ink production
    Da $R AllRights Reserved
    A Dyamondluv creation
  12. LOADED GUNZ in Amerikka

    Posted 11-02-2008 at 01:50 AM by $$RICH$$
    Now we have the weapon of defense
    will we use it wit common sense
    or display it on blackness and against
    Will we sho it and let it sing
    pop all chambers so that it ring
    or will we keep it for protection
    See dat loaded gun u now tote
    is da weapon throughout history smoke
    legal lines poeticly was wrote
    This not a toy or some joke
    but i'll lives displayed for broke
    da tyme has come no more revoke
    Too many been shot down
    by racism and da supremacy clowns
    in deep struggle and poverty towns
    Da kkk / nazzi / skinhead bound
    til the rise of black awareness was found
    now we aim our scoop on high ground
    To fight america society junction
    sho how we now blaze wit a function
    to break da ties of whitewashed mindz
    Our loaded guns we shoot won't body kill
    but ring da sound our vioce instill
    that will lock down on whiteys supremacy will
    Our bullets is the knowledge we now seal
    and da wisdom we shoot that's real
    da mindz are loaded as a full course meal
    We came here as slaves by force
    it wasn't our africaness of choice
    had no rights or a voice
    In this land of no liberity
    no blackz are truely really free
    inside this place of sad society
    where we still work and slave see
    Evil dollar rule this country
    but a change we now come to be
    fearless leaders standing mentally
    against the power of surpremacy
    We now tote da weapon of defense
    but will we use it wit common sense
    or use it against our own awareness
    Black people , people please
    talk to me while i'm on my knees
    about to pull the trigger as i squeeze
    To ring out from my soul
    be heard loud and extremely bold
    that we as people will never fold
    no matter how hot or even cold
    We builded this land from our handz and feet
    countless hours of never sleep
    whips and chains against our skin meat
    throughout da pain our bodies meet
    so many died working to defeat
    Our today's ammo can break down da wall
    where destruction and ruling makes da call
    all we need is our loaded guns (bang! bang!!)
    ring out mentally wit our atomic bombs
    clashing wisdom of what we know
    blasting from da knowledge our mindz has sto
    mixing up this battle we can control da war
    wit our unity of united loaded guns we sho
    6 shooter / P-shooter /2 shooter / shotgun or bomb
    look out americkka here we come in blackness
    out of slavery into our awareness
    it's not a death threat but my voice ready and set
    to squeeze da trigger and release
    Blood will spill yet not by our hand
    but from da will how blackz mindz has exspand
    and because we now taking a stand
    dat will kill u because u don't understand
    U ask how what when and where wit flare
    now u showing dat u care and stare
    but to late we tote wit care
    loaded guns this we now bare
    We have crossed into every maze
    smartly/politicly/sportly/humanly wit glaze
    we are no longer in this daze or being faze
    we no longer locked upon ya rotten cage
    but we move in movement not in rage
    our mindz of truth has set da stage
    AMERICA.......we have all the mind tools
    u nolonger will pose da power to rule
    we have our guns of self power
    we pose our mental free will strong
    we nolonger is tis sorrow hour song
    we can take it even if stone
    we have faith and united a unity
    we now taking back these communities
    we now tote loaded guns of blk beauty
    we even learn through self schooling
    teaching history of our culture / heritage
    this is our fate da great escape from bondage
    AMERICA........beware of blackness
    the stillness of da night
    da darkness when there's no light
    as we rise to extracise our rights
    we now fight from da legacy of legends
    Loaded Gunz in Amerikka

    A Dyamondluv production
    Nu~wave Ink Creation & publishing
    Copyright ©2008 $Rich$
    Posted 03-12-2009 at 01:21 AM by $$RICH$$
    Blackaration our declaration
    of independency to black rights
    set forth our common defence
    to promote our general welfare
    with a firm reliance on the protection
    of Divine Providence,we mutually
    pledge to each other our lives
    our fortunes,and our sacred honor
    as People of this ameri land
    in Order to form a more perfect Union
    we must establish Justice,
    to insure domestic Tranquility,
    provide and secure the Blessings
    not there Liberty but to ourselves
    and our Posterity, do ordain and
    establish our blackaration unto
    the honor of Kingz & Queenz
    For all countries to respond
    to the objectives set out in this
    in parallel with international approaches,
    in place of our national strategies
    and arrangements upon our brothers
    thy sisters and fellow enemies
    Blackaration unity of our union
    set forth our dayz we so will cherish
    events,acts and Welcome to our history


    So much flair, it makes u stare
    wonder if anyone truely care
    so much pain driven into words
    inside da home where unity should merge
    A pitty shame to locus and tame
    just to glory self in a lame claim
    in da moment of a sneaky spot
    drifting like someone hot
    forgotten to look oops! ya not
    Black on black our greatest of fate
    but first we have to drop da self hate
    agree to disagree beyond a fight
    and realize together we a shinning new light
    Twinkle winkle upon da bright star
    to tell me who u really are
    face off, mask at bay
    sharing and caring is how we play
    Working to net a master of deed
    hear my "cry", hear my "plea"
    stop the bleeding against your own
    unite with love , before another sad song
    somehow, somewhere, someway in our morrow
    we have to join handz against self played horror
    will i forever live inside black on black sorrow
    or will we bloom as a people into a beautiful flower.
    Talk to Me people !
    A Dyamondluv sega
    Nu~wave Ink creation/production
    AllRights Reserved 2009 Da $R
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  13. MILES to my JOURNEY pt.I and pt.II

    Posted 07-04-2010 at 07:51 PM by $$RICH$$


    Across da blanket field of exsistance
    beyond the hazzy clay of the day
    under da fall grey clouds of morrow
    life present itself in da shadows

    A shadow of hopes and dreams
    written cross da skyline
    like a multi-colour rainbow in decoration
    uniforming a window of opportunity

    In full bloom to redesign a guarantee improvement
    upon the life of my struggle, inside my poverty maze
    I stand upon the pride rock on da battle field
    given the fight to the highest and mighty hand

    Thinking of one as my trusted resource, given into thy will
    as an object or act intended to increase beauty of a person
    I paint da dimple light of happiness unto thy people
    while shading in da interior truth of love and loyality

    Da creativity of this elegant virbrant flowery love
    beholds in it own clash of unity, awaken of passion
    gaining power so unique , so strong as i praise thee
    for tonight i lay me down beside da still waters
    revisit da image before me , to learn who i am .

    Miles to my Journey II (my sceptres)

    sceptre, of great magnificence were used by kings
    and upper orders, but this one is of my hands !
    used to manifest it's own written glory beyond fame.
    For there is no doubt of the hardship upon da miles
    where i've witness da burning sky to my left,
    and the beauty of an rainbow spooling to my right.

    Each day present another fight a war and battle
    through da poverty of my struggle where i loom
    in the greater moments, forthy image shown unto da sky
    a face of pain , a liquid mind and broken heart
    I know my journey is yet done by the division of my people
    da hollow cries and empty tomb , but i still raise my sceptres
    in hope just as mosses did unto da red sea.

    Let me not die before i see the glory risen of my blackness,
    and thy happiness of faces beholding my journey here.
    Let da sceptres of my handz be uplifting and gethering beyond
    my flawz and faulty missions, I will not be tamed by da word
    or it's garnish condition, nor will i wilt to any submission on life
    I'll walk the forfronts, lead the rebirth unto our solidary clash
    there will be beauty at the foundation of a rebuilded nation.

    I will or may not see the culture of my later roots
    but i will in da forever spirit know as i live through the hearts
    this journey has been a life, as i found myself through it,
    O'ye thy father i raise my sceptres and thy voice
    i use my unconditional love with da williness of ya word
    to bring my struggle face to face with thy handz
    and fight to bring collective love so dayz would be easy
    I may rest now in da depth of my slumber like death.
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    Posted 01-14-2010 at 02:24 AM by $$RICH$$
    As we visit life of living , come walk down the heart land of A-meri-can
    trails of tears human fears jobless soul look as we stroll
    in struggling mist of oppression of darken dreary days
    of an nation weary staggering upon da white whims
    fourty million lives , (land cross the land)
    with dreams of the brave and freedom stand yet the horror
    of a nation a playstation da lost hope and death from starvation
    exile of the cries i loom to love indeeds paper chase spirits
    as we walk inside the unborn life wanting to live.
    screams in silent motherly unto the great GOD
    in plea of thy child manifest destiny of down fallin society
    corrupted dismay wasteland of rottin debris,polluted crypts
    stolen niles as we walk on the street of cities through fields
    of nowhere and past memory killing thunderous hopes
    whereas moments and darken days a great void spools
    a history a story lay un-sealed with wondrous life
    embracing the mission of distance attacks shoesless
    mother walks and battered and torn by what's seen
    da hunger arise wintery blast icy cold homeless
    father none job to feed da wedd of his soul
    don't make me die on da steps of hurt n' pain
    come walk with me inside the garden of destruction
    where man at will strips the hopes of another man
    I fight by faith my spirit carries within it's own
    yet da creed like in a pal of one place of fracture dismay
    taste the sour fruits growing from the earth of mirit soil
    numb brains as i try to keep my sanity
    the watery waves pushing while whispering air calling
    the congo drums beating tap rain dance of thy home
    struggling maze of life where we failed and came short
    of this unity to unite to fill da void left behind
    controller speaks it's evil Heavens cry in trillions of tears
    making earth wet and icy balls of anger as earth feel da pain
    heavens leak small white flakes against da worlds hate
    making earth go insane until it won't melt til we return
    to da motherlands
    the wails of my heart has become
    a storm a rage a reflection of what has been seen
    my life pitted me with da greed upon souls & spirits
    vow my depth to GOD and impower his grace to withstand
    this american place and live the universe path of falsely accused
    the misery become miserable ,hostile and deeper depressional
    state of mind as da weaken mental become there slayer
    we shall ova come someday !
    Da system.
    Individual dependency (tyme 4 A change)
    We all alone
    Individual dependency
    like creating relentlessly
    steppin' up collectively
    Where do we start
    By da one u see most
    it's your only choice
    to bring forth ya voice
    Who do we call on now!
    whom ever da system will allow
    point, blame and take a bow
    cry out , be control, wave da white towl
    Fight back
    Wit individualistic statist
    to change our struggling realistic
    in a war dat's gone balistic
    To become da "I"
    then da we , together we rize
    first in plan to stop our divide
    back to Black mental awareness
    like Martin,Malcolm,Garvey fearless
    making a change to our illness
    while gaining power to our weakness
    In da wars of our struggle
    on da system like no other
    dat's killin every sister & brother
    We have to secede for secess
    show da world black unity at it's best
    hear my voice, hear my quest
    before i take into eternal rest
    If one fail, we all failed
    tyme to free our minds from mental jail
    we paid da price now our bail
    wit wisdom & knowledge breakin da spell
    push forth wit political stance
    roll out da carpet of A-meri-kan
    rewright da laws against our hand
    be da rizing wo/man or man
    individually as african
    It Is Tyme!

    I.D 4change pt.II & Independency pt.III

    Posted 07-12-2010 at 12:56 AM by $$RICH$$

    I.D.4change pt.II

    Change starts within self
    as an individual being
    taken charge to lead
    in a powerful movement
    Inpendency of action to solution
    as a leader guiding it's fate
    to build a foundational structure
    this be my fight against odds
    In a battle to unify collectively
    against the war of divisional divide
    in order to bring a change
    one must change to believe & trust
    One must not be lad but lead it's action
    beyond pointing for faulty submission
    with heart and soul and faith
    one stand alone individually and independently
    to gather it's working plan and spring it to action
    Behold forth tis day before me and bless my hand
    thy tongue and direction to da the will of thy people
    for the people as a people , and make that change !

    Independent Pt.III

    We now under da massive economy fall
    structured by our governmental call
    rise in unemployment rates
    hardship poverty setting our fate
    Independency power we must demonstrate
    on a collective bargin
    become aware and get more involving
    Hard hitting to america's groundz
    by da massive blast of political clownz
    while da rich get richer
    and poor get poorer
    under da watch of da evil doers
    slowly we stumbling below
    for economy we must restructure da floor
    Start our own growth in wealth
    called da black survival Plan (BSP)
    this call will need every hand
    from cross this ameri-land
    to be collectively optimistic in terms
    overstanding da deeds to fight this germ
    change the me to we , one who fight by da "I"
    under da scope of us together
    Da solution will be in hidden secrecy upon us
    because media & society we can't never trust
    they will use it to destroy our crust
    and divide the enforce workmenship of us
    it is tyme people before we become dust
    it's no joke nor a lust but realistic this we must
    who do we call on now
    the answer stares you daily in da face
    use concious awareness & grace
    join the BSP unity race
    to win ourselves a humanity place
    put forth your individual mindz
    and become da leader of independency
    WE now under da ole Harlem night !
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    Over the many years, at destee.com
    I walked into a place i didn't know , not sure and wondered,yet knew the Mother Queen
    Destee from the olden days of Afronet ! I found myself here under her scope & wings
    venturing into a settings it felt warm so search for my space of comfort, maybe it was
    by fate or luck maybe a stumble but Destee from nowhere said here ....go head (fly)
    the skies ova destee.com right there i became in flyte....
    With the warm compassion i compose my love spilled gingerly cross the house , see we
    was a foundational house of few and then she said : Go now have fun in the poetic
    playground of poetry so i did, there i found my place to be my best as i could and try
    to master with warmth/love/respect and harmony, not long after destee invited me upon
    the awesome Team of Moderators whom welcome me in , one of my great friends/Bishop
    and others help guide me but it was destee who molded me into one of her GEM-stones
    just before all this and a great change made me become so dedicated and devoted was
    like a dream come true she gave me an high honor, see we watch many poet's honored
    weekly but this was different yet humble and very noble as destee.com made me POET
    of the YEAR ..wow!


    years later and more years we experience and shared times working
    agreeing and disagreeing but with common love and understanding, she had me hooked
    taken and loved , we shared some hard long nights / rough roads / slander /corruption
    lied on/talked about / even at one time had me confused feeling violated from lies......
    I wanted to walk away beyond return.....whewwww happy I didn't , it was then i vow
    my loyality to destee.com and spoken unto her we are bond now ,I will never leave
    forsaken or in anyway tarnish this house , well now community !


    Through these years we continue to grow and grow and grow with love/peace & respect
    while some along the way revert our mission and was dismissed /some left /some split
    we stayed focus moving forward and along the lines i learned so much from a great
    wonderful and beautiful friend : Destee , do you know what it's like to have a soulful
    high spirit friend willing to be by your side no matter what ! this what she is to many
    she then said I want you to now allow me rest (here's a key to a new office)
    on the door it reads (ADMINISTRATOR) my heart drop......lol to myself i was like
    why me i can't do that , again here she come telling me yes you can! follow me so i did
    and even today we not one and the same but work as one, when you see me you see
    Destee within me !

    These faithful blessed years together have been a life time wonderful experience in my
    life online and networking building and striving even on a personal note and matters
    you been there for me through some of my most hard time as well the delightful ones
    and i'm so honored to be apart of this Historical avenue you built and mastered so well
    thank you for showing me how/the way and the opportunity !

    A PLACE IN MY HEART belongs to our Destee forever this i will carry with me.
    there is so much year by year to say and i would take two years to write about
    how wonderful destee is and how awesome destee.com community is and why
    this the world's best site for brother's & sister's alike to venue / grow/learn/teach
    network and share daily living our lives and love , so i'll end this blog here saying
    what a decade + some here...........

    how can one ever leave ?

    Thank you!

    TRUE FACTS...Here and now

    Posted 05-06-2008 at 10:28 PM by $$RICH$$

    When you think of a community, Destee.com comes to mind
    where you can find shelter and support, hope and live love
    Destee Brought us from the scrapgoat of the net to a place
    of grace and beauty to share our many pains / happiness and tears
    She collectively accepted a role and became the
    Mother Queen
    displaying her gifted skills and opening her heart for us to mend
    in a
    community for brothers and sisters to find our way in a common
    ground for a better tomorrow.

    She lifted her hands and spirit that we join hands and spirit
    Afrocentric woman stood the tides of attacks and upheld
    in many battles , she brought us from a lost
    cyberspaceto a new found realization of network as people
    so we can hub together and share.

    This task wasn't done easy but lots of work and
    hours / pain along the journey road.
    These true facts of a living legend a strong black woman
    our sister as she continue to offer us beauty
    as she dress the
    community with the finest paint.Destee.com has lived up to it name of Loving / Encouraging
    Embracing while Teaching & Building our people
    as black people,
    she build friendship as a leader and mold her very own hand picked crewDesteelike the 8th wonder and a pure philosophyshe will not let you perish yet uplift you inside
    her embrace .

    These true facts of how we grown almost at light speed under her
    leadership and warmth
    so when you envision her you see a life light
    community of love and sharing a place of caring human beings

    I am very proud to be a
    premium member to this
    and one of her hand pick deals , when you didn't have faith
    she had it for you , willing to take a chance yet unsure.
    I found that many love's the house Destee built as she continue to bring
    more new tools / forums / video voice chat while she struggle
    to keep us together paying for new options for our brother & sister hood
    a third responded becoming
    premium members in a on going fight
    for others to enjoy the sweetest setting cyberly you help is needed too.
    Join us as family on a rise from family as we gain our place
    find our common solutions / fix our broken minds
    as we give honor
    to the
    founder and CEO Mother Queen

    Let me say as i speak not just for me but the communityWe Love you and Thank you .:ilu:

    share in my blog if you will when
    Destee comes to mind.

    :spinstar:BECOME A PREMIUM MEMBER TODAY!!:spinstar:


    Posted 08-17-2008 at 03:18 AM by $$RICH$$
    Does Justification of Humanitarian intervention permit the use of moral love to the people of color
    A Question asked mindfully and often answered yes !
    From da blue skies or good heavens was born a pure delight in the form of a sister worrior Queen Lola.

    She became the black wiz of magical hope in justice of P.O.C
    saluting her stand points of views the spirit of her living legacy ring loud and clear upon us
    while we net work for unity and understanding
    brother & sisterhood united as P.O.C

    She transpired the gift of love upon her people who have been cursed by racism/poverty and
    held captive in mental slavery without a voice or choice of power
    she mastered time and energy heart and soul wit a great need of webing her people
    took on the greatest of evil crossing sinners and there notions dat was against her good morals she
    stood the task and tides beyond remorse wit a flava of her own mix that proven
    where DESTEE.COM was born for our voice of freedom and speech destee later saw more
    need as she reframe herself building a
    community of knowledge and wisdomize blackz
    as they commonly came together under one hub she enforced and instill da beauty
    her work for the black mindz of people of color cross the global world is defined
    as Ms.Intercultural of empowermental goals and bringing together P.O.C and black awareness
    Destee.com has taken place and shape beyond compare at great speed
    she is known as LOLA aka DESTEE aka CEO and
    Ms Destee.com Honored the
    of uplifting / supporting / loving and outstanding achievement
    for the cause and people of color
    building and molding such impire of network.
    help me honor this black woman with a blog of
    deeds and structure of her innerself