Randomness In And Of Its Self

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hmmm time as of lately has this strange yet alarming yearning to create its presence it seems. I am looking at time so differently as of late. Late as in some year now. Its meaning to me has devalued. Maybe its an age thing, or prehapes its something thats stirring in the universe. Either way, I can't explain this awkwardness im experiencing with its existence in my psyche. I don't even want to consider it. Yet its incorporated in my everyday living. Measurements of moments when i need to get to appointments and such. But overall, outside of those moments i feel as if i'm suspended in moments living without the thought of time.

I exist just because i do. I'm here just because i am. Is time even real? Yet i can see times measurement every moment i look into a mirror or watch as my grandchildren grow from moment to moment. Or is this truly time that i'm seeing or just a reflection of what i've learn to perceive as time? Have madness finally found an opportunity to take siege over my ability to rationalize?

How is it that it seems some moments pass faster than others? How is it that something you cant touch have a place in my world? I don't want to have to measure time anymore. I just want to live without the constant measure of life at every turn. I wonder what life would be like without it? Would life spin out of control? Would people lose their sanity? Would life be turned inside out of itself? Does it seems like time is eager to show you that it is an entity and not just some measure we use to record moments? Whatever it is i feel rushed and pushed and forced to live in a world that regards time in one of the highest of esteems.

Ha! Time won't give me time to live outside of its acknowledgement!
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