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The baby girl continent of US
Has been caste the ability of
Boring childish antics, while
Sustantiating why during a short period of time.
News way to imagine
Who What Why & How.
Foundation being unfair
Like a child not able to view
To view themselves yet.
But thinking still
In momma's arms is where you can get your way.
Reliving every story ever told to us
While our current imagination gives way
To connectiing how this relates to me
Coming as a new
Can only be imagined by the maker.
Once joined it becomes us.
As childish antics become
Thought out and proven attributes
Different levels of persuation become understood
for in essence
"How the cookie crumbles"
As the mother the father never being the leader before
Taken here to a context to be understood
Through the arms of storytellers
Us having to relate somehow
But childish antics come from the age given
For a new view
Everything being the story told of a new
Way of giving birth to maturing with your imagination
While telling the story of your inaguration.
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