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Hey Destee, thank you for still being here! You are loved!
@pdiane - You are loved! YAAAAAY Thank you for coming home, letting us see and enjoy you again! Yes, we are still here ... :)
I'm Black on Destee, I feel at home! It's been a while! Soooo in 2004 I married my Senegalese Husband, when I first went to Senegal, I loved, it! The people were hospitable and my husband's family was very kind! Well I've been there many times now, have taken African Americans, well over 150 and it has been an amazing experience!
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Oh Sister @pdiane - that sounds so wonderful! Congratulations! YAAAAAAY! I'm so happy to see you! Thank you for coming back home ... :swings: ... YAAAAAAY Us! :love:
You welcome, thank you for holding it down for us to home to! Much love Sis!