Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe Reports: Myth or Reality


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Dec 17, 2004
I've gotten really skeptical of Western reports of Zimbabwe. I find that any government that challenges Western economic / political prospects automatically gets targeted. This Guardian piece falls into that vein. While they show some poor people, there's nothing outrageous in the pictures themselves. The captions, however, try to make them out to be disasterous. Now, maybe Zimbabwe IS is a disasterous freefall because of Mugabe's policies (not US sanctions), but where's the analysis? Where's the evidence?



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Feb 27, 2007
Very good point. I agree completely. I keep saying over and over agian that we can never trust these people to give us news about us. We have to go directly to the source. In fact, we ought to make it a habit of avoiding any media that tlkas about Africa; except those that are African, and preferably published in Africa.

For instance:

  1. On Zimbabwe, we should consult such publications as this one of many: http://www.zwnews.com/
  • Brother Dr. Gamal Nkrumah is an editor on this one published in Cairo. He alamost always gives us some very good news about Africa. This is one example:
  • We would be fools, and some of us are fools, to accept any news about Sudan before balancing it with a source from Sudan. The Sudan Tribune is a reasonably good source of news about Sudan and all of Africa. Raed it sometimes: http://www.sudantribune.com/
    • Another good source is AllAfrica.com. Vibe Ghana is good, up to a point. There are many more. Namibia has at one very good paper.

The bottom line is the Internet allows us to stay in contact with Africa. We do not have to accept news that has been approved or filtered through white folks. I know old habits are hard to break. But, the time has arrived. We must learn to do better in order to keep up with the rest of the world. The USA is starting to fall behind. We as Africans in America must not allow ourselves to continue to fall behind. The African Union has sent a diplomatic Mission to the the USA. It's main mandate and responsibility is to make sure that we stay in better contact with Africa. It is trying to repair some of the damage that was done to us under slavery. I took special effort to make sure that we here at destee.com knew about this. But, I am not convinced that we have paid it much attention. Check it out: http://destee.com/forums/showthread.php?t=49148
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