Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe planning Chinese lessons


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
Zimbabwe's government hopes to see Mandarin Chinese taught in universities as the school year starts in February. The plan is part of President Robert Mugabe's "Look East" policy. It is not clear whether Chinese will be a compulsory subject.

The government is trying to build closer economic links with China amid worsening relations with the West.

Education Minister Stan Mudenge said he had held talks with the Chinese authorities on the matter.

He said the government wanted to offer a curriculum that would see students from all Zimbabwe's universities taking Chinese to promote tourism and trade between the two countries.


"At a recent meeting I held in Paris with my counterpart, the Chinese minister of education, we agreed to intensify our programmes in the field of education, cultural exchange programmes including language training," Mr Mudenge said, quoted by the Zimbabwean newspaper The Standard.

The Zimbabwe National Association of Student Unions criticised the government's plans.

"It seems they are trying every political gimmick to lure the Chinese into this country to bankroll their bankrupt regime," the association's president, Washington Katema, told the South African newspaper, The Star.

"But they should not do that at the expense of students."

Observers say that offering Chinese to all university students would require many more Chinese teachers to be brought into the country.

Investment and tourism revenues from the west have plummeted in recent years, prompting President Robert Mugabe to look increasingly to Asia to try to help his country's troubled economy



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May 14, 2005
Yes, one African leader after another opens the door to Asia and to the west. The Nigerian leaders opened the door to the Europeans and the Asians too. These leaders are the root of the problem THESE DAYS. Yet, we continue to blame the Asians and Europeans for exploiting Africa when we really need to hold these leaders responsible.

It was explained to me that some African leaders (especially in Nigeria) open the doors to foreigners because these leaders are stealing multi-millions and billions of their country's money and they need places to hide the loot. When they do business with China, for example, they can hide a bunch of money in Chinese banks and investment houses. We already know that Europe has untold billions of Africa's money because the African leaders put it there as is exposed periodically in various magazine and newspaper articles.

We can keep blaming Europeans and Asians if it makes us feel better, but as long as we don't hold Black adults responsible for devastating our communities and countries, they will definitely continue to do it.


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Feb 22, 2004
Money has always promted us to destroy us. some things are not changing. what happens to those who speak out against these greedy "leaders"?


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
Therious said:
Money has always promted us to destroy us. some things are not changing. what happens to those who speak out against these greedy "leaders"?

Lack of vision is destroying us! Our people can't invision Africans (black Africans) being the solutions to African problems. That is why we try to trade one exploiter for another: From the Arab to the European to the Asian.

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