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Apr 2, 2001
Ra you said it brotha

now I am in no way a small sista, but I ain't no Discovery Channel Special either. Im 5'6 and weigh 160. My weight is up and down but 160 is my max. You will neva and I mean neva catch me expozing my gut (yeah 2 kids) or the twinz (they ain't gone act right)... I mean me and my hubby have fights because he wants to see me in revealing stuff. But if it's made outta spandex or that other clingy material you can forget that crap I ain't wearing it.

I too am eye assaulted on a daily basis by the plus size women wearing the petite size clothes. It's very difficult for me to find clothes that fit just right. I'm not small then I'm not big either. I'm in the middle. It takes me hours to find a shirt because a sista is top heavy if you know what I mean. I got hips, I got ***, I got legs and thighs.... so it takes even longer to find pants, shorts and skirts (which I think are cut for white girls thank God for FUBU and Baby Phat, brang the dayum prices down). The only thing I can just buy is a joggin suit and my hubby would have a bonefied fit if we went out and I had that on.

Not hating on the larger sisters but dayum yall just cause it's in your size don't mean you need to wear it. There is plenty of stuff that I could wear but I'd spend half of the time digging it outta my butt or pulling the shirt down or adjusting something and that just wouldn't be no fun at all if I'm trying to strut.........

and for all the brovas that think that tight *** muscle shirt is showing off ya six pack.... take another look cause all that dunlap (stomach done lapped ova the belt) ain't sexy. You can be sexy and wear clothes that fit..... men and women need to do a double take before they go out the house and learn to take the advice of ya peeps who tell you you look like a hotdayummess..... we really mean that

Ra I got yo back



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Mar 21, 2001
u right some need to cross da mirror coz they sho nuff
headed to a laugh in ..............


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Feb 15, 2001
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Just Being Careful

I know how I look and I don't want anybody talking about anymore than they do--I forgot about thaty pulling things out of your crack and wrestling **** down over your stomach--whoo--how about those pants that make your legs sore--they say you got to suffer to be beautiful--I cain't do it--Ra



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Apr 8, 2003
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You make a very good point. I believe that a lot of woman should listen to you on this. I'm a senior<will be this fall> in high school. I can't tell you haow many big woman are try to to that. I myself used to be guilty of the exact same thing that you're talking about. I'm 5,5 and I weight 145 . Those low riders ain't cuttin it either. The majority of African-American woman have ***....and it's developing at a young age. I go to a school where the majority of the race is white. I see skinny white girls that can wear low riders.....(personally, I don't like jeans that it's fashionable to show the crack of my ain't cute)But then I turn around and I see..........girls as young as 14 i low riders and tops that ....:eek: don't ask man...Lots of girls are delveloping younger and younger. And to me, it's all starts at the home

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