Black Spirituality Religion : You Have the Axe In Your Hand (ref: Jumanji)

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Nov 5, 2005
Throughout "history", there have arisen those that speak of things profound, wonderful, and mysterious. "They" are usually labled. some of them are labled "mentally ill", some of them are labled "disabled". some of them are labled "outcasts". some of them are labled "prophets". they all have in common a different perception of this overlay we call "reality". they all speak of the "unreality of reality". today, many of you expend great energies seeking out the words of some of these folk, in an effort to understand what they said and where they got it from.

what did they actually say? what did it actually mean? there's probably more energy expended in "debating" these "truths" than there is spent is in seeking out these words.

here's the "truth":

the "ancient wisdoms" are attempts by conscious humans to express TheRealThatActuallyObtains in manners as closely consistent with the current "OverlayCalledReality". it doesn't work. (i'm not sure that it is working, now.) TheRealIs cannot be expressed in a manner that can be considered "authoritative" in any manner of communication that the Overlay has "developed". nor can TheRealIs be considered while attempting to employ aspects of the Overlay. Such things as "getting a job", "furthering yourself through education", that whole "money" thing, require existing and interacting within the strictures of the Overlay, which actively discredit and deny any "exhibition", research, or awareness, of TheRealIs.

One of the symptoms of a mentally ill person is what they are saying or believing doesn't line up with reality.
This isn't the ONLY symptom, but one important symptom.

The problem with esoteric knowledge, hidden wisdom, and what I call "abstract spirituality" is there little way to verify it.

If people have secret, hidden, or acient wisdom that they'd like to manifest to the world it should first line up with facts and truth.

In other words....hypothetically.....if you tell me that as a Black man I'm supposed to worship Zeus and the 12 Titans and my proper diet should consist of nothing but fruit and beans....
If I believe in and follow this, then I should see CONCRETE IMPROVEMENT in my life and positive results!

I should look better, be healthier, and actually be wealthier than the general population for following this knowledge.
My family should be better and stronger than the general public.

That's real benefit.

I shouldn't have to take satisfaction only in knowing that I and my inner circle know something the rest of the world doesn't know.
If that's the only thing I can get out of this secret knowledge, then it wasn't worth knowing.

See what I'm saying?

So as Black people we have to aquaint ourselves with knowledge of science and technology that will actually benefit us on the physical level.
Things that are not only beneficial but are concrete and can be verified by all.

Anything else is too abstract.

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