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Abeegunda-the ancestors brought this one back
Abimbola- born to be rich
Abiola- one born into fame
Abiona- one born on tje path/road
Adelabu- the crown/conciousness covers deep waters
Adelaja- a crown/mind settles agitation
Adelumo- the crown consist of knowledge
Adeola- the mind is of honor
Adesanya- the mind brings balance for suffering
Adesina- the mind opens the way
Adetowon- the mind is enough to elevate oneself
Agbede- blacksmith
Agiya- one who defeats suffering
Ajibola- one who wakes up to find honor
Ajo- one who is a a journey
Akinbo- the brave one comes
Akinkugbe- valient men do not die in vain
Akinyele- the valiant man lends glory to the home
Akobi- the first born son
Asade- one whose coming was unexpected
Atekun- one worthy of the leopard lineage
Atiba- understanding
Ayodele- joy reaches home
Ayoola- the joy of elevation
Babatunde- father returns
Babatunji- father wakes up again (re-incarnated)
Dada- curly haired child
Edena- sacred area in Ile Ife
Emiola- the honorable spirit
Esugbayi- eshu saves this one
Falana- ifa cuts open a path
Fasina- ifa opens the way
Fasola- ifa brings honor
Fayemi- ifa worship pleases me
Ifa- the essence of yoruba philosophy and religiosity
Ife- love
Ifetayo- love brings joy
Iyemoo- wife/priestess of obatala
Karade- return the people to tradition
Makinde- the valiant man is brought home
Makinwa- bring home the valiant man
Malomo- don't go away any more
Mongo- famous
Moremi- ancient heroine of the yoruba people
Motilewa- I came from a temple or home
Moye- skillful sage like wise
Naniya- art is what makes her character
Nayo- we have joy
Nilaja- one who has a happy disposition
Oba- king
Obadele- the king returns home
Ogunlade- ogun brings dignity
Okanbi- first son of oduduwa
Olaifa- honor goes to ifa
Olaiya- the honor of mothers
Olakunle- honor fills the home
Oloye- chief/intelligent person
Olumbe- the lord exist
Olumide- my lord arrives
Oluwa- the lord/spiritual teacher
Omope- a child who stays very long in the womb
Omorisa- child of the orisa
Onilaja- the peacemaker
Oniwa- one who has character
Oseyin- obatala is worshipped
Osikanlu- chieftancy appertains to divinity
Osunniyi- osun has dignity
Oyawoye- oya takes on the title
Oyesina- titles opens the way
Sangobunmi- sango gives to me
Sangodeyi- sango loves me
Sijuwola- the eyes look up unto honor
Sokoya- the seer champions the cause of the suffering
Temi- spiritual
Titilayo- endless is my joy
Winlawe- beauty
Wakiri- maiden
Yeba- gentlewoman
Yetunde- mother returns (re-incarnates)
Yewande- mother came here to look for me
Yeye- gracious mother

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