Black Poetry : Worthy Vibes


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Feb 19, 2019
I just want substance……

someone to take my thoughts hostage,

while her presence negotiates the ransom

that’s paid in full with just a smile,

as I vibe with her aura, in tandem

basking within our charisma,

attraction like kindred enigmas

as we’re defending the stigma,

that you can’t hold a discussion,

that excludes money, drugs, or fking

how about a context we could indulge in,

like, share our future aspirations

or, some of our imperfections,

for me, one, is lack of patience

I would cherish that acquaintance,

for, nowadays, it’s a rare oddity,

for two like-minded individuals,

to, somewhat, share an odyssey

like, sharing philosophies,

such as,

is existing really equivalent to living……?

or, random sh!+ like, if a tomato is a fruit,

does that make ketchup a smoothie…..?

no kidding,

I’ll listen and envision,

just to perceive through her prism,

even if we agree to disagree,

nothing would be forbidden,


atleast, it would contain substance

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