Black People : Women and Children Homeless

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May 6, 2013
kind of sad brother, really, what I have done and am doing is none your of anyones business who has not posted their achievements here, otherwise we would be spending time celebrating yours and thier successes and learning from them and get inspiration from them and have real solutions to offer sisters who are homeless and with children ;) so all I asked you was what you meant by your post and no you dint answer the question I read back you danced around it, so maybe you do think light of this matter and did make the statement as a joke! No biggie!

You know it is sad when anyone gets caught up in cognitive disonance and desires to command a discussion board as though no one can talk about fires unless they are a fireman, no one can discuss education unless they are a principal, no one can discuss sports unless they play pro ball or won a team an no one can discuss cooking unless they are an acredited chef, and owns a restaurant:11100:

Dont you think that kind of thinking is somewhat elitist?
then read this, I preach nothing! i make posts of news and give opinions like everyone else here!

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May 11, 2012
One thing I have learned through my experiences is that we have to look at the whole picture, not just the fault in one in the relationship because it takes two. the idea is not to find blame but to assist ourselves In healing. Even an abuser needs to heal.

I have memories of what I have been through but I and women like myself, we know we have the endurance and are not afraid to move forward. People are different we cannot assume each woman is like the next. Some may be some may not.
I feel we should be positive and optimistic about the people we meet and not assume the worst and you never know what may come of them and what their potential is. Two minds are better than one.

I know some judge those wouldn't be people expected to help when they need it too lol. I mean people willing. I do not blame them for anything. Being open to have compassion for another is a gift and is a strength some people's hearts are not that way and I know that.

I was in a DV group one time and I was so turned off because the women were just focused on talking about their abusers and reliving old trauma instead of steering the discussion into a more positive direction the mediator was allowing them to just vent and me being there the first time I felt that this was a normal practice. To me there is a difference in venting and wanting to be heard and just trying to place all the blame on the abuser and throwing someone under the bus. As awful as it may feel women who are in relationships like that are for a reason its something we attracted and once signs were there for some reason we stayed, left and went back etc. We have to have as much love as we want to receive for the people we come across imo. People who have not been in such a situation judge women in abusive relationships and say they deserve it, their stupid, why didn't they leave...etc and its more complicated than that we know who have dealt with it, and every case is different. Its always easy for someone who is on the outside looking in to say things because they are from a whole different perspective looking.
I hear what you are saying and I've met people from all walks of life and I've met some where healing is past tense,they have been so traumatized in life that there is no hope and they are just a lost cause the young you may be able to reach but not many and the older forget it,the fact is some will never admit there is a problem within themselves,and there are are some people that really try to help some women and men, but because of our emotions especially if children are involved we want to believe and hope they will change or get the help they need,some stay because they have no where to go,because we LOVE them,but LOVE does not HURT love is kind LOVE is BEAUTIFUL once you find it,and yes people are quick to judge the person whom choose to stay with the abuser never fully understanding the fear,hurt,love control and emotional turmoil one is going through some grow up seeing D.V and think it is the norm .....

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