Black People : Wishing Chaos and Curses Upon Black People


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Jan 14, 2005
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[QUOTE="Destee, post: 546364, member: 1" Peace and Blessings Family,

I saw where Brother Knowledge Seed greeted Brother KWABENA with Chaos and Curses in the shoutbox ...

[Today 12:19 AM] Knowledge Seed: Chaos and Curses KWABENA! LMAO jk

It just did me some kind of way, in my Spirit ... just reading that. My Spirit was offended.

I realize that this has a lot to do with how i define these words, how these words have been defined all throughout my life. I have no point of reference, for chaos or curse, to be good things. Maybe that's what i need, some examples of where chaos and curse improved someone's life, and/or the lives around them. If you can help me with this, please do.

But until then ... i'm just not feeling this.

I really hate having to impose what i feel, on this community. To draw a line in the sand, and say ... to my own Sisters and Brothers ... you can't do that here. I really hate it. I try to stay out of stuff, so everything can flow freely ... but ... some things i just can't handle.

I can't handle what appears to be someone wishing bad stuff on us ... any one of us.

We have enough bad stuff.

I'm really not feeling the argument that chaos and curse is a good thing, that it should be embraced.

I don't agree ... but i don't gotta agree ... 'cause there are probably a gazillion other web sites that encourage wishing chaos and curses on your own Sisters and Brothers ... that teach it is a good thing ... with or without evidence to support it ... and i'm grateful for such sites ... as they give you somewhere to spend your time, doing what you like, while allowing us to remain true to the peace and blessings we hope for every single Sister and Brother in this world.

Brother Knowledge Seed ... i know you put "jk" at the end of your post ... but to wish what could be considered harm on another ... then say ... i'm just kidding ... is foolishness.

You have done me this way too ... made some ugly remark, then said i'm just kidding ... i can't remember it all exactly, but you said something to me about this community is dead, or destee is dead, or some such carrying on ... adding jk to the end of it ... we were in the chat room. I'm sure you remember.

It's one thing for people to wish death upon us, or speak as though we are dead, or wish harm upon us ... from outside this community ... but to be right up in here with us, communing with us every day, and say such things to our face ... and add an lol or jk to the end of it ... well ... as you can see ... i can't ignore it.

I'm not accustomed to this kind of living, and can't imagine that i ever will be.

This community isn't for everything, or everybody. We have an express purpose, and it is to lift up, encourage, want the very best for all of our people.

If you have an opposite agenda ... wishing curses, chaos, and death for our people ... you're in the wrong place.

The fact that i'm posting this, speaking on it, and not simply acting ... is evidence of my effort to grow, dialogue, understand, and be open to whatever i can learn from this.

Family ... how would you feel if someone greeted you with chaos and curses?


Destee /QUOTE]

With regard to fighting back efficiently/effectively Destee, as opposed to the totally confused ramblings of the genuinely UNWELL or maybe just the PALEFACE cyberspace CURTROLLS being manipulative, haven't YOU ALL noted, noticed the way the destruction of the GAP community of Tulsa on June 1st 1921, Elaine in 1919, Slocum, Rosewood and many other Black communities aspiring to organize/move forward within the USA is still being totally marginalized and ignored TODAY by the status quo in general, their POWER ELITE’s sytematic mis-education system’s schools, colleges and mass media specifically?

Isn’t the Greenwood, Archer and Pine community of Tulsa, and your website's survival STILL a truly superb template of the DO FOR SELF/ WAY TO GO in the 21st century as [are Thomas Sakarna’s achievements in just 4 years in Burkina Faso and the welfare state Muamar Gaddafi created in Libya] opposed to an armed conflict which would just provide the so diverse range of despicably cowardly enemies/PARASITES we face with the pretext they'd like for either mass Black incarceration or simply wiping ALL of us out, wouldn't it?

All of which very obviously begs the question, doesn’t it, why are our political misleaders in our communities and countries in the USA, UK and the rest of the Diaspora, and even more crucially in Africa itself [have any of you read Steven Cokely’s exposé of the Boulé’s WHITE/dominated/controlled/led CLOWNS] are so constantly focused on re-inventing the wheel in the 21st century [as opposed to utilizing the GAP, Thomas Sakarna/Muammar Gaddafi/doable templates], are always LOST, genuinely inept with regard to deducing a way forward; as isn’t their behaviour either totally mindless STUPIDITY or very very despicably cowardly, self serving treachery?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?
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