Black People : Will It Ever Occur To Black Afrikan The Only Way To Change Our Living Status Is To Change The Mind Now Controlling Us?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Will It Ever Occur To Black Afrikans The Only Way To Change Our Living Status Is To Change The Mind Now Controlling us?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

I Am Just A Nobody To A Nobody Peoples, But Is Somebody To Everybody Black Who Is With A Desire To Be Free, beloved.

I am not moved by what you say alone, it's about what you do that fit into the circle of Divine Truth and Reality, action trump lying silence, and to say something without intent to be active about what you say has no effect to change, and today Black Afrikans, we need a Divine change to the way we Black Afrikans are living, and that is with the Mind of that white racist and his surrogates in committing crime against Black Afrikan people and there is no greater crime to be committed against a Race of people than to take control of the Mind of those people, and today, Black Afrikans no longer live with the mind that is Divinely Naturally Designed for Black Afrikan people, which mean that we Black Afrikan people are a people no longer Divine, we been made to be just as the Humankind is today and the lying deceiving mind now in possession of Black Afrikan people, is now being control by that Racist Unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being today, as I share this Divine information with Black Afrikan people.

I am the Divine Information that I share, Dislike the Divine Information that I share, You Dislike Me, beloved, I separate not myself from the Divine Truth and Reality of the Divine Mind Self.

So yes, the question is a valid one about Black Afrikan people who now live stuck in belief with no desire to become free and by agreeing to the Divine Truth without a Mind to put what you are approving of into action, such has the Black Afrikan Race to remain to be an agreement to take no action to be FREE by Black Afrikan people.

To a mind held in captivity, Freedom demand action, and that action will occur with a Mind that have you to Think in order to know what we must do to save the Black Afrikan Nation and Afrika, the both is and has been for a long time under attack by that racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being, ever since a coup was successful in conquering the organic mind of the Black Afrikan people who once thought to know What God Is and who the Divine Cosmic Black Universal Being is in relationship to the Divine Essence, God Of Us All that Live in the physical and appear not to be physical.

So, share with me beloved Black Afrikan people what institution been created by that devilish satanic Luciferian human Being that now has control of the Mind of Black Folks today, which institution do Black Afrikan people place all of our love, devotion and trust in to the extent we question not our habit and spirit that have Black Afrikan people bowing down to with faith, hope and believing in all that institution teach to educate you to believe in without question!!!

Yes, that institution is Lucifer Religion, setting on the foundation of belief and not Divinely Knowing, and to know, is to Think with innerstanding of that which you are Thinking about and to know what God Is you must be a thoughtful reasonable logical Divine Minded Being.

The Racist oligarchs and racist fake news media will have you singing praises about what Kanye West is doing to the mind of Black believing people, he is doing nothing that he has not been well conditioned to do, all Black Afrikans are victims of Lucifer created Religion, as we bow to the lies being told about God, and such only have you to be a victim of a believing mind, which qualifies you to become an agent of that racist Luciferian Human Being, to be Human is Religious, beloved.

Religion is your liar and your deceiver, your educator, your teacher, your oppressor, all are the attributes of the demon believe, faith, hope, want, your opioid of addiction, it is what attack and control the mind now is guiding Black Afrikan people.

There is nothing new that Kanye West is doing, he is just copying what he has been conditioned to believe by that racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being the Devil, all who worship under the tutelage of Lucifer is a religious servant of the Devil, satanic in mind and spirit, beloved Black Afrikan Woman and Man!!!

Have you ever wondered how it would affect the Black Afrikan World if thousands upon a thousand of Black Afrikans would gather at a Divine Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat, no religious deities to be mention or to be represented in symbols, where only the power of the mind being in sync meditating and acknowledging the power and Divine Essence of Darkness expressed Energy Intelligence whose Utopian acknowledgment being the Divine Presence of Nature Elements surrounded by the Infinite of Space, Time, Divine Intelligence, that beloved is the Divine Essence, God, which we know nothing about anymore.

The beginning of such wonder is to begin with a gathering of like-minded Black Afrikans to consist of becoming the Nucleus of such an out coming to take place as a broader expanded gathering at a coming time being made to be by organizing efforts, such gathering leading to Black Afrikans reclaiming our Divine mind which will have Black Afrikans to know why we must and will be in demand of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, which represent Freedom for Black Afrikan people to be in Afrika and Afrika to be for the Black Afrikans.

Total Rejection Of America and Religion Is A Must In Order For Freedom To Return To Afrikan People And Afrika, beloved!!!

But oh no, we Black Afrikans have yet to develop the desired determination to become Free again in Afrika, it's the only place the Freedom Bell is to ring Divinely For Black Afrikan people to experience to enjoy again, beloved.

Divine Respect


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Feb 9, 2001
Are you cutting and pasting your messages, because they are all the same? It's starting to feel like spam, which is a rule violation here.

Do you live in Africa or America?

If you live in America, may I ask why, feeling about the country the way that you seem to?

Have you ever lived in an African country? Out of the 54, which one(s), may I ask and which one do you suggest we all gather in?

You type in English, do you speak an African language?

Do you know from personal experience Africa is the only place that Black people will be "free" again? In what way?

Where did you learn all that you preach about?

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