Law Forum : will Baltimore die?


Jan 22, 2017
Manchester, UK


Jan 22, 2017
Manchester, UK
A common talking point about African Americans’ views on
crime has been debunked.


"....In his new book, Locking Up Our Own, Yale University Law School Professor James Forman Jr.
points out that in national surveys conducted over the past 40 years, African Americans have consistently described the criminal justice system as too lenient"


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Jan 22, 2017
Manchester, UK
The Black Middle Class Is Leaving Its Brothers And Sisters Behind
Your own achievement is not enough.


"....The question is not who’s to blame, but rather what do we – middle-class African Americans ― do about it? What IS enough? In my view, it is an active re-integration of our people that should be the focus of the African American middle class. My contention is that such work must continue and should be bolstered by a grand return to densely populated urban settings where an influx of middle class incomes from black and brown citizens would help stabilize some communities...."

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Jan 22, 2017
Manchester, UK
This is a brilliant idea that is being put into practice. The images you see are of my old stomping ground...Old North STL..., this is 14th St Mall, and I lived on 20th St. I use to go to 14th St mall to buy my supplies. The image below is what it looked like then and, it was a no go area for Whites as well as suburbanite AA's.


Below is what 14th St in Old North looks like today, and the last time I looked at the demographics it was 30% White and 70% AA.

Now, I'm inflicted with a suspicious mind, I'll explain.

When I lived in Old North it was crime ridden and, those AA's that could afford to move out migrated to places like Jennings, Ferguson, Florissant and Hazelwood. (following Whites IMHO.)

Fast-forward two decades Whites flip flopped and moved back to the city i.e., Old North. Now, the question remains ... did middle class AA's from the aforementioned locations follow Whites back to Old North?.

It also needs to be noted that when Whites started moving back to Old North there was a sudden resurgence of police presence...was this because there was a sudden influx of tax$? whereby cops get paid instead of being laid off when I lived in Old North?.



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