Writing Discussion : Why Writing to your Children Counts?


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Simply because the libraries are full with authors and authors walk around teaching your kids or children. See the more you write, the more space is filled up and can't be denied like a dam overflowing water has to spill over or bust through. A quick way to get to the kids on foot while in the air is to simply alias your name, change your name for yourself, or use the government one, though put your city, town, or dwelling with the school you went to in it musing as whatever gender that inspires you; me i choose both as both need books as soon as possible. That type of envisioning is called association...you just tying in association as a web making sure the book gets to them on-ground in hand printed by you and in the air with your own company or a third party. Enough of talking about it posting on forums that don't really mind over matter getting nowhere but sunk into the depths of pages lost. Websites are an ideal location to find information as this is man-made technology used up versus your mind anyway and soul cause the web is equivalent to the soul plane don't you know? Nevermind though cause i'm invisible remember?? Change the game from the tip of the pen even if it's just thirty pages deep and promise you some of the nonsense you be seeing has to change as they can't relate to the ancestors like most of can you know what i mean? I been in the high schools here and Department of Juvenile Justice system as a mentor and officer, and found out this truth right away. They relate to the real as sometime books are too far to be reached just thinking about they attention span remembering where they came from is about money, sex and drugs the reality of survival so give back to the young ones by remembering where you came staying true to the game. You have to relate and not criticize to find the solution and not add another problem. Trust me criticism helps none of these kids effectively like it should until they realize it later on and some later on is too late. They need real love and understanding with a face on the cover or just real "feeling of words" they can feel so being realer than real is the time now and this is why writing to your children worldwide always counts. Use your boredom of times wisely...and stay true to the game. This is also an alternative investment truly worthy of doing are your children. Stop letting them invest into your children and fight back with mental power. Check yourself instead of blaming society all the time as you are them. Put the fingers down.

(Diary of a Black Man: Just An Illusion) Copyright 2014

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