Khasm13 : why white people hate black people.....


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Though I am genuinely amused by the fact that the consensus among both the Paleontologists and Geneticists NOW agree that the Master Race/ ORIGINAL HUMANS that Hitler and the German NAZI NUTCASES thought were white Arians has turned into a very close race between African Pygmies and the Xhosa Bushmen’s ancestors [whose lineage as the oldest living human clans is highlighted by the number of mutations found on their mitochondrial DNA profile]; weren’t the diverse array of European/ PALEFACE nations/clans [following the Semites lead] in general the folk who utilized their "science" to allegedly OBJECTIVELY classify all non-whites in general, peoples of African ethnicity specifically as a sub-species of humanity with their cultural Darwinism/Eugenics/White Supremacist Racism/NAZI/ GARBAGE, as opposed to vice versa?

How is it my/our fault that their own science has now proved that MELANIN [the substance that causes our skin colour to vary through all the chocolate shades to blue/black] is to people what CHLOROPHYLL is to plants [as opposed to the genetic burden the genuinely lost and confused among us still believe it to be], whereas WE peoples of African ethnicity have never ever attempted to totally subjugate/destroy/Semites/Europeans/Whites [as underlined by southern Europe’s so spectacular Moorish legacy in stark contrast to European colonialism’s scorched earth tactics in Africa] while isn’t their only consistency despicably cowardly malevolently EVIL malice towards us?

Doesn’t the ongoing African HOLOCAUST instigated and orchestrated by THEM [which enslaved our African ancestors and their siblings and comrades who were tortured, mutilated and murdered for either refusing to BOW/be BROKEN or as the means of traumatizing the rest of us into total subservience] for over 500 years now against us, highlight that melanin deficiency probably really is the CREATOR’S CURSE [or can you think of another reason as to why they are still so many of them who are genuinely UNWELL, fundamentally RACIST]?

Albinism is a form of melanin deficiency [isn’t white skin just a form of congenital albinism], but don’t you all KNOW that no member of the human family’s brain/central nervous system can function without melanin, even minor cuts and abrasions wouldn’t scar/heal?

Were it possible [it isn’t] to remove all of the melanin from any member of the human family, that person would immediately DIE!

Now can you ALL appreciate the magnitude of just how spectacularly successful for over 500 years now the European collective have been/still are with regard to convincing the rest of Humanity in general, the peoples of African ethnicity specifically; that us naturally having more melanin/being non-white is an impediment/ along with blue black skin actually being the worst possible blight as opposed to probably the greatest natural blessing any member of the human family can have?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?


Mar 26, 2003
Who ever typed that is trying to be wayyy too deep for a simple issue. It don't have dam thing to do with medieval ruler ship or whatever.

Because these people didn't know or gave a dam about the "blue bloods"
They see you and they want you dead, real simple.

it does give some relatively recent history that something happened in cavemen thought processes around 600 years ago that sent them on this war path...
plus knowing your peoples history that others tried to destroy is never bad in my book...

one love

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