Black People : Why Our Black Political Class is Paralyzed and Silent


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Jan 22, 2011
Why Our Black Political Class is Paralyzed and Silent on Gaza Massacres and Israeli Apartheid

By Bruce A. Dixon
July 28, 2014 -

Sometimes a silence can be the loudest sound in the room. The silence of our numerous and powerful US black political class, not just on the current massacres of civilians in Gaza but on the incontrovertible fact that Israel has become a full fledged racist ethnocracy is deafening.
Would like to here your opinions on this!


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Jul 14, 2014
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im really not sure why youd expect black politicians to be any more against current israeli policy in gaza than anybody else - both sides are perpetuatin the situation - the casualties on the plaestinian side are always higher of course cuz of the superior isreali weaponry - so yep its a bad situation but why would we be more prone to talk out on it - its a war between 2 groups of semitic peoples neither of whom have exacly been what youd call a friend to the black race over history
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