Omowale Jabali : Why Malcom Shabazz Was Killed

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Sep 29, 2005
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Lets now look at why El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) was assassinated.

Straight to the point...because the FBI and the US govt. viewed him as a threat to national security. Why?

Because he was no threat when he identified himself as a Black nationalist. No one takes Black nationalists seriously. Black nationalists do not even take Black nationalism seriously.

Once he renounced Black nationalism, he embraced Pan Africanism. This is evident in his autobiography. Just witness the numerous heads of state that he visited. Virtually all were noted Pan Africanists who also were either assassinated or deposed in western orchestrated coups.

Another reason is because he moved beyond the civil rights movement to initiating a Human Rights campaign. He stopped speaking in terms of race, and into expressions concerning our Humanity.

His conversion to "orthodox" (whatever that is) also was part of the equation, on a personal level, but it was his move toward Pan Africanism and Human Rights that posed a threat to Ameriklan interests.

Think about it. How many Pan Africanist or Human Rights activists from the 60s or 70s are still alive?

Then ask yourself. How many Black nationalists from the 60s or 70s are still alive?

What do those who are still alive and what do those who are deceased have in common?

Just saw the film today on the 2006 OAAU reunion. Earl Grant was scheduled to speak with the group but was not feeling well. One of the major organizers of the 2006 event was Peter Bailey.

The following includes some photos from the event with some background on Bailey.

The film has not been released. It still is in production stage so I can't share that yet. It is currently a collection of DVDs shot to disk by film director Ben Caldwell of KAOS Network.


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Feb 28, 2009
All this time and nothing more. Obviously there won't be. So sad for his family. Too many unanswered questions.....And those who know aren't talking for fear of their own lives.
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