Pan-Africanism : Why It Isn't Possible For Black Americans To Appropriate African Culture


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Aug 3, 2014
[We're just airing our personal opinions here too

It is equally important to define what it is to be Black and Authentically black.

Why ? Hmmmm

The concepts associated with either being black or african in the states are long overdue for new updates etc
True....and agree upon

But what some white are on are just fantasy trips

They truly don't know much about real black culture at all
That maybe true with regards to whites and black culture.
In my experience most blacks who dress African do so most often to make a political or cultural statement.

But better to just ask

Not make bad guesses yourself

All will be revealed after more time passes etc

Nothing new or news about that at all



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Jan 14, 2005
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History Liberia is an example of what can go wrong when we (blacks) know we are Africans but Continental Africans know we are Not of them....we became an INTERLOPER. That is a very very different issue in that in Liberia and Sierra Leone the very very lost and confused Coloureds, Negros Blacks who had fought for the British in the American War of Independence were sent back to Africa [along with various white undesirables /prostitutes from their jails and mental institutions] as they had survived the war but weren’t wanted in the UK, where they subsequently set themselves up as the ruling elite of these countries, repress the native Africans into the underclass in a virtually identical manner to whites; thus isn’t “INTERLOPER” too gentle a word for these so consistently treacherous BLACK NEGROBOTS?
The difference depends on whether we are accepted by the locals and we accept the locals. And that we allow them to lead by starting where they are...

If "blacks" return to Africa in mass with wealth and technology and refuse to accept their custom. Which will appear to many "blacks" as primitive and backward...and some are. We will engender much animosity.
Frank are you going to answer the question underlined above as isn’t there a profound difference between how we should behave as we attempt to kick start the African Renaissance in the 21st century and the ongoing maliciously manipulative malice being displayed by the overly inbred [due to their disdain of mixing with the indigenous] Creole dominated elites of Liberia and Sierra Leone towards indigenous Africans for over 200 years now?

To fulfill our main responsibility is to first know who we are? securing and developing our our communities - where we are and to advance forward and upward from thence. The role we are to play? What do we bring to the table. We have skills, the technical proficiency in every area of human activity that Africa NEEDS that are very rarely wanted or adequately rewarded in the West anyway, thus isn’t it obvious that we should focus on making the African Renaissance REAL in the 21st century? I agree...Continentals will not want us telling them how when and what to do...They do not want bosses they want partners. Whites do not want us over there either and will run counter productive programs to undermine what ever we do. Which differs from the GRIEF they give us as standard in the UK, USA and the rest of the West how exactly?

Why are WE the only ethnic group on the planet using a colour [black as opposed to our original source, the African continent] to label our activities in every area of human activity as opposed to getting rid of one of the more obvious chains put in place over the last 500 years [as underlined by their being more than twice the number of USA citizens who label themselves as Irish and Swedish Americans, than the current population of Ireland or Sweden] whereas shouldn’t we be consciously embracing our African ethnicity? Language is fluid, meaning words can and do change meaning due to context and usage......Khemit means black and it was also the name of a nation state country land and its people. The label Black is part of a dichotomy of Post slavery Western society. AND?

Though DNA tests can find out exactly which African clan we’re from, why bother as doesn’t not knowing allow us to more pragmatically focus on the BIG PICTURE as opposed to being drawn back into the literally hundreds of ethnic groups/divisions which made European divide and rule so much easier to facilitate at the start of the ongoing African HOLOCAUST?

What about my question/the manner in which in the USA the Italians, French, Greeks openly cherish their ethnic/national roots with the WASP’S especially those of English heritage truly believing it is their God given right to run both the USA and this planet in every area of human activity? Which African Nationality would you claim? cant. Because Most Africans Nations have only just become Nations What Tribe or ethnicity would you choose? do you know the language culture and customs? I have already explained why as opposed to being a problem isn’t not knowing the specifics as to our African heritage actually an opportunity to develop in a rationally pragmatic manner [underlined in bold above]?

I Agree...It Can be....But if you insist on calling yourself African......It beggars the question where are from in Africa? Whereas the Africans from Africa are what exactly or haven’t you noted/experienced the acceptance being consciously African generates as highlighted by the safety in which I could walk into the roughest areas of NYC as my appearance labelled me as African American, whereas deploying my best English accent at top bars and nightclubs eased my straight past the hassle ordinary as opposed rich homeboys would experience getting in?

Even in Cuba generally, Havana specifically there was an assumption that I was African Cuban, they were very very surprised that I couldn’t speak Spanish fluently due to actually being an English speaking UK national?

Once you say "Black" they immediately know you are a diasporian African. Possibly, but isn’t the real issue here who/what YOU KNOW yourself to be/as isn’t being consciously African the obvious starting point of our so very challenging journey out of the totally lost completely baffled and confused Coloured, Black Negrobot zone?

Ethiopia* and Ghana has granted us the legal Right of Return.....not sure of any other It is their right......As it is ours. If they do.....we should challenge. What exactly? look it up

Are you aware of the fact that in every census to date of our community in the USA with regard to how we would like to label ourselves, African has beaten Coloured, Negro and Black by a considerable margin as a rationalization of the fact that we cannot be as specific as the English, Irish, Swedish, Italians, Greeks and Germans etc with regard to which part of our original home [the African continent we originate from], we’re from? Yes....we are African descent But African is not a National designation but a Racial/Ethnic/Continental one. Don’t the USA citizens who KNOW that their ancestors were English, Irish, Scotish, Swedish etc wear their ethnic heritage like a badge of honour, TODAY, why don’t they just label themselves as Whites in a similarly confused manner to some of us being so devoted to being Blacks; as opposed to consciously embracing our African ethnicity? Maybe I am missing your point here.....We are Africans Calling, genuinely believing ourselves to be Blacks whereas where is the rocket science in the way as opposed to merely labelling themselves as “Whites” there are more than twice as many USA citizens claiming Irish and Swedish ethnicity than the current population of Ireland or Sweden, with African very very obvious being a rational acknowledgement of the very efficient manner in which Slavery robbed us of our name, language, religion and culture, in effect our minds?

Or I am reading too much into your question because it is a repetition Where exactly, is that why you haven’t addressed or answered either question [above]? Forgive me still do not understand this question..Be honest Frank, isn't all of the so creative editing of your responses about the fact that you just don't WANT TO overstand, do you?

What REAL use are the majority of “Black Studies/Black History/Black Culture courses if the people constructing them are genuinely unaware of the fact that language is the operating system of the human brain/CPU in a similar manner to Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 are for computers; which is why doesn’t one have to be consciously selective with regard to how it is used to disseminate uplifting TRUTHS/ KNOWLEDGE, as opposed to negativity to all of our people?Most African Descent peoples in the West do not know an African language. Instead the know the language of their oppressor but speak a dialect that is a mixture of the oppressor and their original African tongue. Which surely emphasizes exactly why WE need to at least go into damage limitation mode as highlighted by consciously acknowledging that we’re not Coloureds, Negroes, Blacks, we are AFRICANS? I do not think the black intelligentsia is disputing the fact that we are Africans or more precisely of African Descent. You think That if we were called Africans it would increase our enlightenment? What Happen to those of us who are half breeds? Within the USA’s context have you forgotten the one drop of African blood rule [as highlighted by the ongoing grief in the USA with regard to mass incarceration along with being murdered by the police is Jim Crow really dead]? I know well the one drop rule.....and if we are not going to let them label us then why would we let them define us? Are we going to let them become our teachers in matters of morality and become exclusive/exclusionary. Can't we choose when we want to embrace their definitions and when we don't as highlighted by utility of their one drop rule to attach all of the mixed race including even the Semites who want join, to the African collective?

For example being Africanlisted, being Africanballed out of a clique, losing all power for whatever reason isn’t an Africanout, nor does anyone state that they’re not wearing a piece of clothing because it is African with dirt, it isn’t standard practice to lament when things have gone horribly wrong that it is a really African Day and no one has ever been jailed because there has been conclusive proof that they are an Africanmailer, whereas doesn’t substituting word BLACK into all of these contexts place one on a sliding scale of very very inconvenient GRIEF? It does to the extent that you do not control the context and usage of the words and their meaning....Language is a living thing. Being in the Black or becoming a black belt are positive connotations Black can also denote Formal, Powerful, Mysterious (as in Khemistry) Authority, Classy....all things come out of the Black. Undeniably but within the current status quo of White Supremacist Racism worldwide, isn’t an integral part of the ongoing African HOLOCAUST the very systematic classification of people of African ethnicity as Blacks/Objects as opposed to Ashantis, Yorubas, Xhosians etc, human beings? Yes.....But many will see it as asinine due to their own lack of understanding its import.

Instead we want to create Functional Unity and not let Dialectics become a stumbling block at this junction. In Functional Unity you do not Have to agree on anything but the goal....Once achieve you then come back to the table. Which means what, where is the UNITY in the manner in which the USA’s Republicans and Democrats constantly bicker, are even prepared to damage the country for their own political status/points, so why aren’t the USA’s movers and shakers waiting for all of the consistently CLUELESS and the rest of the white trash to catch up, join the party? The Unity will be found when you see who is backing both parties and toward what end. The bickering is a side show to keep you distracted from what is actually happening....which is they both represent the same people - not you or me.
True, but isn’t every man/woman for themselves along with devil take the hindmost really what the American NIGHTMARE as opposed to Dream is about, with the lower echelons generally, especially non-whites and people of African ethnicity totally expendable sub human morons to be controlled or even culled as the LUCIFERIAN LUNATICS inc see fit?

It is not too late, is it, Frank for individuals like you/the African collective with regard to being far more carefully selective with regard to the language we utilize to describe ourselves with ALL of our programmes going out as African Studies/Histo ry/Culture Lecture Series with regard to the African experience from an African perspective, thus at least starting out on the right foot as opposed to continuing to inject very easily avoidable negativity/rubbish as standard, into the minds of the people we’re aspiring to uplift? We must also be careful not to other words choose your battles Which means what, or haven’t you noted that this planet is only SIMPLE to SIMPLETONS/VICTIMS IN WAITING?

You do not feed a babe strong meat or cast pearls before swine lest they trample it under feet......meaning there is a season for everything.....somethings are appropriate at certain times. You must meet the people where they are and provide them with what they are ready for.....or you run the risk of seeming the fool, and being cast into irrelevancy. Maybe, maybe not, we don’t need everyone to be awake to get the job done, especially as doesn’t being successful tend to create clones [which is why the GAP community of Tulsa was destroyed and is still so consistently marginalized by the status quo due to STILL being such a DO ABLE template]? Yes
Why are WE constantly attempting to re-invent the wheel as supposed to simply utilizing this template which is in fact standard procedure among the Semites and Asians especially the Indians and Chinese?

I am not just being pedantic, this is very important as underlined by the glitzy looking Black Cultural Archive opened in Brixton/South London [June 2014] not being the African Cultural Archive [THEY must just be laughing at us when even our alleged intelligentsia/elite/luminaries are genuinely STILL so naive/totally baffled and obviously confused].If it is about Africans of the diaspora....then it is okay to refer to it as Black The Archives cover our history from 5000 years ago to now, both in Africa and the Diaspora, which is where your rationale/attempt to marginalize the significance/clarity of all peoples of African ethnicity viewing themselves as Africans [start trekking out of the totally lost and confused NEGROBOT zone] with regard to regaining our psychic equilibrium post the ongoing African HOLOCAUST of over 500 years duration, crashes and burns, doesn’t it?

Then Yes it should right be called African.....but then uneducated locals who considered themselves blacks would not come and support, mistakenly believing it is strictly about uncivil blacks living on the continents in mud huts. Having label it blacks they may more likely turn up and in so doing learn of their grand and great African history and heritage. Frank aren’t these labels generally, Black specifically just a litmus test of our conscious awareness as our so consistently maliciously EVIL enemies are very very wary of the African collective regaining our psychic equilibrium [THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE], snapping out of the totally crippled state created by the ongoing African HOLOCAUST? In some ways....YES Would YOU constantly chase after and hound, constantly beat up on a mentally defective cripple, in that if we are allegedly so useless/clueless why don't THEY ever leave us alone as opposed to so constantly tripping us up, executing our more rationally focused leaders as standard as they KNOW that our comeback could make the Terminator's look like a tea party?

BTW Frank/excellent post, you addressed assertions and answered questions far better than anyone else on this message board/most people just bail out/run away/screaming! ROFL

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?
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Aug 28, 2015
I was watching a Nollywood movie on YouTube last night. I watch Nollywood and Ghallywood, too, from time to time. I remembered this thread, and wondered if the author of the OP was speaking for a minority or a majority of Africans. Because, in Nollywood and Ghallywood the actors typically dress similarly to AAs. The women wear weaves, spandex, and mini skirts, etc., galore, and the men often dress, in tailored suits, or like rappers in jogging suits, Jordans, and fat gold chains, and other generally Westernized fashion. The man playing the lead role in the particular film I watched last night had one pierced ear.
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Aug 9, 2003
[QUOTE="frankster, post: 932282, member:

You replied

Why ? Hmmmm

Yes do air your opinions on what being black means to you

But the very concept of blackness only got popularly accepted after the urban rebellions of the late sixties etc

It also does reflect the use general use of the word black

Less offensive than called being called negroes

And we are actually people of african descent

You also wrote this

In my experience most blacks who dress African do so most often to make a political or cultural statement.

That might not always be true these days

And a persons behavior etc truly reveals who they are or aren't anyway



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Aug 9, 2003
As regards why I don't post back to the other fella

His unending rants are bad enough

And his takes reflect awfully dated viewpoints etc

Actually articles and books are required for us to properly critique the concepts of afrocentrism in general and also the new viewpoints associated with today's afrofuturists in particular

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