Pan-Africanism : Why It Isn't Possible For Black Americans To Appropriate African Culture


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Aug 3, 2014
That is a very very different issue in that in Liberia and Sierra Leone the very very lost and confused Coloureds, Negros Blacks who had fought for the British in the American War of Independence were sent back to Africa [along with various white undesirables/ prostitutes from their jails and mental institutions] as they had survived the war but weren’t wanted in the UK, where they subsequently set themselves up as the ruling elite of these countries, repress the native Africans into the underclass in a virtually identical manner to whites; thus isn’t “INTERLOPER” too gentle a word for these so consistently treacherous BLACK NEGROBOTS?

The difference depends on whether we are accepted by the locals and we accept the locals.
And that we allow them to lead by starting where they are...

If "blacks" return to Africa in mass with wealth and technology and refuse to accept their custom. Which will appear to many "blacks" as primitive and backward...and some are. We will engender much animosity.

We have skills, the technical proficiency in every area of human activity that Africa NEEDS that are very rarely wanted or adequately rewarded in the West anyway, thus isn’t it obvious that we should focus on making the African Renaissance REAL in the 21st century?

I agree...
Continentals will not want us telling them how when and what to do...
They do not want bosses they want partners.
Whites do not want us over there either and will run counter productive programs to undermine what ever we do.

I have already explained why as opposed to being a problem isn’t not knowing the specifics as to our African heritage actually an opportunity to develop in a rationally pragmatic manner [underlined in bold above]?

I Agree...
It Can be....
But if you insist on calling yourself African......It beggars the question where are from in Africa?
Once you say "Black" they immediately know you are a diasporian African.

Ethiopia* and Ghana has granted us the legal Right of Return.....not sure of any other It is their right......As it is ours. If they do.....we should challenge.
What exactly?

look it up

Calling, genuinely believing ourselves to be Blacks whereas where is the rocket science in the way as opposed to merely labelling themselves as “Whites” there are more than twice as many USA citizens claiming Irish and Swedish ethnicity than the current population of Ireland or Sweden, with African very very obvious being a rational acknowledgement of the very efficient manner in which Slavery robbed us of our name, language, religion and culture, in effect our minds?
Or I am reading too much into your question because it is a repetition Where exactly, is that why you haven’t addressed or answered either question [above]?

Forgive me still do not understand this question..

Within the USA’s context have you forgotten the one drop of African blood rule [as highlighted by the ongoing grief in the USA with regard to mass incarceration along with being murdered by the police is Jim Crow really dead]?

I know well the one drop rule.....and if we are not going to let them label us then why would we let them define us
Are we going to let them become our teachers in matters of morality and become exclusive/exclusionary.

. Which means what, where is the UNITY in the manner in which the USA’s Republicans and Democrats constantly bicker, are even prepared to damage the counry for their own political status/points, so why aren’t the USA’s movers and shakers waiting for all of the consistently CLUELESS and the rest of the white trash to catch up, join the party?

The Unity will be found when you see who is backing both parties and toward what end.
The bickering is a side show to keep you distracted from what is actually happening....which is they both represent the same people - not you or me.

Maybe, maybe not, we don’t need everyone to be awake to get the job done, especially as doesn’t being successful tend to create clones [which is why the GAP community of Tulsa was destroyed and is still so consistently marginalized by the status quo due to STILL being such a DO ABLE template]?


Frank aren’t these labels generally, Black specifically is just a litmus test of our conscious awareness as our so consistently maliciously EVIL enemies are very very wary of the African collective regaining our psychic equilibrium [THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE], snapping out of the totally crippled state created by the ongoing African HOLOCAUST?
In some ways....YES


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Aug 9, 2003
Brother frankster

Please do post back to me as well




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Aug 3, 2014
Good morning

And let us we able to agree to disagree

No I don't agree

My take was that ours here is a culture based on Resistance to Exploitation and Oppression
Yes you are correct and we are in agreement.
I just left of the Resistence

Maybe that also reveals why our ancestors got exiled to begin with

It reflects the legacies from the griots to our own black stand up comics

Real life would be hard to endure without having a good sensahumor

Please explain a little more, as to why you believe our ancestor got exiled .


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Aug 3, 2014
Brother frankster

Please do post back to me as well


If I seem reticent in responding to your post, it is because I am not sure to which comment of mine or another poster you are responding to or commenting on.


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Jan 14, 2005
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[QUOTE="frankster, post: 931324, member: 54824" Without first defining what it is to be African.....we will argue this point ad nauseum.

It is equally important to define what it is to be Black and Authentically black.
I will not state those definition now. Why not, I for one would be very interested in your “definitions”?

Orison if it is possible please answer back without posting the entire page of question that I have already responded to. Responded to who exactly Frank, what is so challenging about having your assertions/questions directly addressed/answered in this manner?
Time consuming, gives me a whole lot of reading when, I have other post that I would like to respond to....leads me to reading half of it and assuming the rest is something we have dealt with already which can lead tto confusion if that is not the actual case. Have you ever read Tolstoy’s War and Peace or Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 [my no.1 fiction favourite], in that why are WE so focused on existing in the Twitter Zone, though undeniably it would be great if LIFE were ever that consistently simplistic?

No on both cases I choose to watch the movie instead.....whats your point? Some books are a particularly challenging intellectual workout [with Catch 22 easily the top of that list and my own with regard to the best film adaptation of a book that I’ve read] whereas haven’t the mass media generally, especially social media like Twitter been very very efficient with regard to projecting, promoting and popularizing particularly inane very trivial superficiality as the WAY TO GO for humanity in the 21st century?

Doesn’t the ongoing African HOLOCAUST of over 500 years duration highlight that staying in the consistently CLUELESS CRETIN ZONE in a world where there are very maliciously EVIL malevolent BEASTS in human form intent on totally dominating and controlling this planet and everything on it; stamp VICTIM in WAITING on your forehead, as underlined by the ongoing grief in many of our communities and countries in the Diaspora which degenerates into murderous chaos in the resource rich regions of Africa?

Of course if you need clarification on a point sure but it would also help to rephrase the question. Why, is there a specific reason why so many of US continue to confuse issues of ethnicity with nationality or do you think that you would EVER be able to convince South Africa's Afrikaners, the Kenya cowboys and various other groups of Europeans/whites dispersed/living very affluently around the African continent that they are "African" in anything more than nationality? African is not a Nationality.......They are either Kenyan or South African Frank they are African Nationals despite being whites originating in various European nations because they were born in Africa, because isn’t it an obvious FACT that African like European, Asian and even American can be both a nationality and ethnicity?

No....African and European are strictly speaking ethnic - having to do with ancestry history culture and heritage - typically unchangeable Nationality is political and legal designation which is changeable. Aren’t YOU still confusing issues of ethnicity with nationality as highlighted by the white Afrikaners in South Africa despite being very very obviously of European ethnicity due to their ancestors invading Africa in the 19th century being African nationals?

Isn’t it also a FACT that African, like European, Asian can be a description of an ethnic group, and a nationality; whereas isn’t your description of Black fundamentally flawed as highlighted by the jet black skinned peoples of Madras in India who are very obviously Asian/Indian ethnicity as opposed to Hutu/Bantu Africans? No....African European and Asian are not Nationalities. Only Chinese can be said to have Duality......but Chinese is Mostly a Nationality I am American [I was born in Guyana] as are Canadians and Mexicans whereas don’t most people in the USA think they are the only “Americans” when isn’t what they really mean the fact that they are citizens of the USA [despite their ongoing initiatives the USA doesn’t totally control all of the Americas, Cuba and Venezuela are STILL trying to make their own way]?
You are conflating informal usage of words conversational vernacular (Jargon Parlance Slang) with formal standard meanings and usage. You are a Guyanese National and a Citizen of the USA. Yes....When one uses the term "American" it usually refers to North Americans....In particularly the USA. As I said that is colloquialism In your opinion, whereas isn’t it an obviously verifiable FACT that America is a continent made up many countries spread between the North and South or aren’t Brazil and Canada American countries?

There go pretty sure I dealt with this question already. No...because they do not share same history of oppression in the West. "Black" is not just about skin Color.....Neither is white - the Irish, Poles, Jews and Italians were not considered as whites in early America AND?

How is your diversion into the ongoing social and even ethnic conflicts between various white clans in the Americas and worldwide [as highlighted by White on White World Wars I & II and various other 20 th centur y wars] undermine the very easily verifiable fact that the jet black skinned Indians of Madras are NOT of African ethnicity/Hutu Bantu Africans?
It confirms my point that "black" is not just skin color........but a shared history of common oppression....."Black" is our Heritage REALLY, so are you genuinely unaware of the so very vicious Marmaluke [mixed race] revolt when an attempt was made to enslave them too, I thought that you’d agreed that it is in our collective best interest to consign our alleged “Blackness” to the rubbish bin?

African:- Original and predominant ethnic group on the continent with all attending cultural affinities.

Black:- African descendant in the West, that have experience the vagaries of enslavement/Racism/White supremacy. How does embracing our alleged “Blackness” in any way undermine the so very damaging Euro-centric paradigms/perspectives like the Black as opposed to African hearted villain of a play or film?

The term or appellation of "Black" is a recognition of a shared history of particular type of oppression and all its effects. No it does not undermine the euro-centric paradigms it is a part of it........ it allows 'Blacks " to find commonality and modicum of unity around issues. How does this “Unity” manifest in our communities/ countries as highlighted by the fact that Nigeria is comprised of 250 different ethnic groups, though the 3 largest are the Hausa, Yoruba and Ibos, or are you unaware of the manner in which European Colonialism has created very very unreal countries [lines drawn on a map that have cut some ethnic groups into 3 or 4 pieces/making them nationals of 4 different African countries]?

After perusing her article it seems that the root of her angst is with African Americans mismatching Tribal markings and clothing and using then as a trendy items.....which insults her cultural and tribal sensibilities.

Just as how African Americans accuse whites of Cultural appropriation when they use or assume Black Culture.

Her Fundamental misunderstanding is that Blacks are often trying to and are making a connection to a past that they were robbed off and taught to be ashamed of.

So in us using continental African culture it is more of a statement of resistance to white cultural imperialism and a wish to embrace our African roots......

Not an Attempt to be trendy.

Whereas whites use of hip hop mannerism and dress is usually an attempt to encourage and improve sales by being trendy. /QUOTE] What on Earth is going Frank, aren’t WE [the African collective] very swamped by somewhat inept very obviously confused Coloureds, Negroes, Black NEGROBOTS as opposed to fully conscious Africans within our communities and country’s generally, the very organizations /groups aspiring to lead our communities and countries forward in the 21st century, specifically as aren’t even our alleged luminaries/ intelligentsia are STILL so very obviously trapped in their alleged “BLACKNESS” as opposed to being consciously/ rationally focused on embracing their African ethnicity? Yes Isn’t throwing being allegedly “Black” in the bin a comparatively do able means of sidestepping all this grief/confusion?

Isn’t the truly critical factor here how WE consciously discern/view and label ourselves as opposed to how the rest of Humanity generally, the melanin deficient VERMIN/literally MAD’s/MUTANT ALBINO DEFECTIVES [and their lackeys cohorts of varying ethnic origins/hues] specifically, who have been decimating humanity and everything else on this planet for over 2000 years now, choose to tag us? Yes Within the current Euro-centric paradigm don’t all the alleged advantages of being Black function as a double edged sword, can you highlight any comparable adversity with utilizing African instead?
African would be better in my opinion....Just as how you have the Ashanti who are Africans, and the Hutu who are Africans ..... What makes the Hutu different from the Ashanti is their History Culture and Language So too you can have the Blacks who Are Africans with their own burgeoning History, Culture and Language. At last we fully agree on something, eh? ROFL Common ground is a worthy goal - in Rasta it is called GROUNATION or Groundation; isn’t Rastafarianism fundamentally flawed/ totally compromised by the manner in which Ras Tafar I/Haille Selassie himself told the Rastas that he is a man [they shouldn’t be worshiping him] as opposed to the Creator?

When WE don't educate/rationally program ANY/ALL of our people to consciously acknowledge our African ethnicity [as opposed to alleged Blackness /how BLACK is Halle, Barack and many of the so diversely mixed peoples of African ethnicity] as a blessing as opposed to a curse; aren't we extremely unlikely to even begin to fulfil our main responsibility; to deduce and construct the socio-economic vehicles that will initially adequately secure our communities and countries, creating the possibility of us eventually collectively advancing and competing with the rest of Humanity in the 21st century?Again this depends on how you define African and how you define being Black Haven’t I stipulated that despite the fact that we have no control over how OTHERS label us, don’t we have total control as to how we label ourselves/Coloured, Negro, Black or my preference African?

We are of African descent.....Yes we can and should label our selves. What Culture, Tribe, Land, or Languages in Africa can we claim? Though DNA tests can find out exactly which African clan we’re from, why bother as doesn’t not knowing allow us to more pragmatically focus on the BIG PICTURE as opposed to being drawn back into the literally hundreds of ethnic groups/divisions which made European divide and rule so much easier to facilitate at the start of the ongoing African HOLOCAUST?

DNA is only part of it......Acceptance and knowing the Customs and Language is also a part of it. That is where "Black" comes in makes us all brothers regardless of tribal affiliations. Doesn’t African achieve the same goal without anywhere near as much negativity as isn’t it obvious that no one is going to be jailed for being and Africanmailer any time soon?

Despite just how efficiently their WAR ON TERROR has done its job with regard to making Europe and the USA relevant again by totally destabilizing Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, as highlighted by China and India’s still surging economic growth as they follow the path created by Japan and South Korea; aren’t Western Imperialism’s days very definitely numbered? Africans are Killing Africans because of tribal and political differences. AND?

How do our tribal wars, even the still simmering Rwanda madness, the Biafra conflict numbers compare to the manner in which over 70 million whites were exterminated like vermin by their own elites in White on White World Wars I & II and various other 20th century conflicts? War among the White elite is about Power and Consolidation ......Germanic Anglo - Saxon tribe still rule the world.Really, are you genuinely unaware of the fatality statistics from White on White World War II or do you consider the Russians to be Germanic Anglo - Saxons as isn't it an easily verifiable FACT that without the Stalin/USSR's sacrifice of over 25 million citizens [whereas the USA and UK's losses combined don't total 1 million] the NAZIS would have won, whole planet would now be speaking German?

Despite just how efficiently their WAR ON TERROR has done its job with regard to making Europe and the USA relevant again by totally destabilizing Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, as highlighted by China and India’s still surging economic growth as they follow the path created by Japan and South Korea; aren’t Western Imperialism’s days of totally dominating this planet in every area of human activity very definitely numbered?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?
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