Black People : Why, Is A Very Probing And Personal Question?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Why, Is A Very Probing And Personal Question?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Why Do You "Want" To Be Around Somebody Where You Have To Beg And Scratch Where You Do Not Itch To Get Attention, Not All The Time Get What You "WANT"!!!

Black Afrikans Are A Wanting And Scratching Black Race Today, WHY?

The Educated and The Well Learned, two different Mental spiritual expression, each reveals the depth of conviction in desiring or wanting to know the Divine Truth about being exposed to living experiences and how that experience is respected or ignored, being very conscious aware of both mental qualification to be aware of the believing experience and with knowledge of factual experience.

The most profound experience with Divine Learning and Profane Educating is the Divine Universality of Duality which is the principle of living Beings regarding the Divine Nature Of The Greater Good-God The Divine Essence Of Us All, Duality being the Divine principle of electromagnetic presence and performance revealing the Universal Law of Opposites, what is and what is not, education and Learning, Knowing and believing, duality verify the certainty of the activity of life motion that have you to be a living Being of your choice and not God that choose not.

To be a Divine Observer require you to know the difference in the educated and the learned, the educated being guided by a mind that looks to believe wanting and hoping that reality and truth is what is being told by the so-called educated to you and want is the driving force that causes the educated to become involved in what has been told to wish for and believe about.

Duality is beyond education involvement, it is the spiritual face of the Greater Good-God, it stands with a presence in Divine Truth and Reality and no other Dimension exceed What Is And What Is Not, Up and Down, Life and Death, Truth and Fantasy, Lies and Deception, the educated take such behavior as being stepping levels to conscious educated superiority without the mental ability to reason based on the universal presence of Duality independence, duality verified learned awareness of cause and effect without assistance, and all other dimensions extends out from the primary presence of Divine Truth and Profound Reality, the other Dimensions including the Trinity to the Ninth Dememnsios, is because of the basic Divine Principle of Duality, God own attribute of electromagnetic presence, understood only by the activity of a Mind causing you to be experienced in the learning process and not depended on the educated indoctrination activity whose principle is believing, wanting, and hoping with wishing, mental character of uncertaionity which has no intimate involvement with the Greater Good, God Divine Essence to Divine Existence beyond living, Life is the foundation of the Greater Good-God.

To make claim to be educated being enough to put you in the presence pf the Greater Good and is making claim to be educated to that quality of teaching, prevents you from becoming a universal student of Divine Reasoning and being Infinite in mental Logical exploring the presence of the Divine Truth and Reality of the Greater Good-God.

Your educated belief blocks you from entering the pathway of Divinely learning which constitute the Greater Good,-God and without such Divine Knowledge you live believing that education is your Lucifer god-way to achieving what you want, doing so by obeying the requirement of Want which is you want to be around somebody where you have to beg for what you want and scratch when you do not itch in order to verify your submission to that racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being you having no desire to free your self from such mental agony as you ignore such a state of educated mind has a continuous oppressive effect on your no thinking Black behind, as you attempt to challenge what I share with Black Afrikan people which you have not the quality of mind to know and innerstand, beloved.

The Law Of Duality Verifies If You Are Not Free Then You Live In A State Of Physical/Mental Confinement, Black Afrikans Live Today Being Not Free.


Divine Reality
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