Black People : Why Go Where You Are Mistreated?

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Hello Family,

With all due respect to those who are in the midst of the boycott of that other discussion forum, i can't help but wonder ... why do you even go there if you are not being treated properly? Increasing their page views, post counts, advertiser views, making them money ... as you spend your precious time and energy fighting, pleading, for folk to treat you right, who have never treated you right. And then when they do give you some token of consideration as a result of the screaming you've done, do you think you've changed them?

Just being involved in these kinds of fights must affect one's health and well being to some degree, even if it's small. Is it not enough that we have to fight for respect and proper consideration on the job, at the grocery store, or where ever else we can't avoid going. Must we put this additional burden on our back, by supporting (with our presence) those places that obviously mean us no good.

I feel the same about their television programming, watching the videos and begging them to represent us more positively. Why do we continue to support them by tuning in? All we have to do is stop.

I don't understand why you'd be there, when you can be here, where none of that drama exists.

I just don't understand. Please help me.

Thanks Yall :)




Active Member
Aug 9, 2003
This is a good post.I don't know anything about what's going on with the other forum(whatever forum it is), but i will try to explain why black people fight so hard to make T.v. shows represent us in a more positive light.

the more we allow anti-black shows to stay on T.v., the more anti-black sentiment increases. You all may kick me for this, but this, but many whites who have very little contact with black culture only learn about black culture through the images they see in the media, and for many of them, this is the reason they see blacks in a negative light. this is one of the main reasons so many foreigners come to america with hate in their hearts for black people, even many of our own african brothers and sisters immediately come to america with contempt for African americans. Hatred for blacks is the REASON oppression still exists. Without hate, we wouldn't be oppressed. Believe it or not, media images have a lot of control over the mind,anti-black media images serve as a gateway to hatred, which leads to oppression.We wouldn't be able to watch T.v. at all if we just decided to not watch T.v. without forcing the media to portray us in a more positive light. we would still be stuck back in the step n fetch days in terms of the media. We should have the right to be comfortable, kick back, relax and watch t.V. just like everyonelse without feeling degraded. black children should have the luxury of watching t.v. just like anyonelse.



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May 3, 2002
You are right on point. I don't know what it is! TBWT was a good site... run and owned by a black man---I forget his name, but the reporter for the Amsterdam -- Newspaper... he let his site get overrun with racists.... I left....others eventually left...but some just stayed (smart, bright brothers and sisters) and kept on trying to understand the mental deformities of others...trying to explain, and literally justify why we EXIST... TBWT is gone... I would get emails asking when I was coming back--- I never did...
The same thing will happen with BET...I left almost 2 years ago... recently in midst the "boycott" I checked back---they have a disclaimer stating that they will change things..... I don't think that it has...

But, can you apply our seeming inability to focus on us and our health... this hundreds of years of experience w/ trying to be accepted, of wanting and waiting for love---when we surely have and continue to give it to everyone but ourselves have failed...but we still trying...we are getting sicker by the day...

Why do we trample into stores in our communities where we are disrespected and humiliated...and where none of the profits come into the community...while we pay for better property values, schools and services in other communities and then cry that our own are in shambles?

There are some places in this country that we should stop going period...never return!

Okay, I will quit.


Jul 2, 2003
It may a desire to never give in. To feel like you never gave up the fight. I may be it started out good. Then when it got bitter. You stayed to try and change the flow of hate. Why do we stay? If it was a job.. you may want to quit.. but can't. Especially today. If it was a relationship.. you may have no place else to go. If the one that hates and divides would leave... relations would improve. So I support the boycott.

Everybody has something to contribute. A thought over here. A remark over there. Think about it. They are all relationships to a degree. It may be worth fighting for. Sometimes you find yourself in a battle. Not knowing how it happened. See that forum started without registering... by the time they started the registering.. It was full of the drag. I visited .. it is softening up. So it isn't what I left several months ago.

Most of the hate comes from the young. They haven't even gotten out of high school. It makes them feel good to say those words.. but words never hurt. I can ignore your words.

I think it gets better when we don't respond. I walk away from folks talking trash. I keep one eye on them... A ignore option or more of the members being moderators would be a good thing. The site admin.. taking positive stands against the threats and hate flying both ways would be another solution.

You don't quit. Some will fight until they are no longer standing. So I couldn't speak for others.. I don't always get it right. Even when I try. Some speak about not wanting us in the United States... so where do we go. You can't run. Should never run. Never quit. I think I have the right to be any where. Any time. I desire. I admire those that stay in the trenches. Without them.. it would be a losing battle.


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Feb 9, 2001
Good post HODEE. But even the strong need to be revived; to go somewhere comforting, supportive and empowering in order to rebuild their strength. One has to ask whether the fight is worth the energy and what good will be gained by staying in places or around people whose only goal is to drain warriors of the best in them.

Let's face it, some people, including our people, are just like vampires. They only want to suck the life giving blood out of you and give you trash in return. I believe that energy should be spent in places where it will do the most good and some places are just not ready yet for the serious discussions and intellectual exchange of ideas that takes place here.

True, sometimes there will be battles to fight and many of us are not afraid of the challenge or to stand up for what we believe in. But if we're going to fight, let's do it with dignity and respect and for a good and worthy cause and not to constantly defend ourselves from the illnesses displayed by the sick and ignorant minds of our people.

Look at your tagline--there is power in those words and the meaning behind the words. Maybe the other discussion forum will come around eventually. But in the meantime, isn't it refreshing to have a place to visit each day and know that you are being taken seriously and treated with respect?


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