Black Short Stories : Why do Roses have thorns?


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Jun 12, 2007
Why do roses have thorns

“Qwamii” my Ganama called out. “Comon! We gotta go get some berries!” I liked following Ganama through the fields I got to taste all the sweet fruits. I’d hold on to her the hem of her dress while she test what seemed to be like every berry for the perfect ness of size, color and smell. About once every stop she’d ask, “Do you think these are good enough?” That was my queue. “I done know Ganama,” She’d then give me a smile as if she knew I just wanted to taste one. “Here, why don’t you try this …?” “Okay!” I’d say before she could even get the whole statement out. “That one was good Ganama, I think they’d be OK”.

“Be careful!” she yelled out stopping me dead in my tracks. I was so taken by the taste of the berry I just had I didn’t realize that I almost walked into a rose bush. “You see you have to be more careful son. These flowers here are very precious”, she went on to explain. “Why?” I asked. She went on, “they are the most fragile but carry a lovely fragrance, a fragrance that gives hope to all that can smell”. “Can I try Ganama?” I anxiously asked. “Sure son but be careful”. I rushed in to get a smell of this beautiful flower. I couldn’t quite get close enough so I reached out and grabbed it. My eyes started to fill with water as I felt the sting in my little hand. My Ganama heard the whimper of a 3 year old. “You forgot to ask it if you could enjoy the pleasure of its smell Qwamii” she said as she held my hand. “Ganama, if the smell is going to give me hope why does it have knives?” I whimpered. “They all don’t have THORNS son”. They have a beautiful smell that everyone wants to themselves instead of sharing and when they’re done smelling them they toss them. One day just one rose bush was tired of being picked, used and thrown out. It grew thorns so that the wrong people would stay away. But when it grew thorns it hurt the bush that was next to it, so that one had to grow thorns. Soon just about every rose bush have thorns”. She then pointed to one particular rose bush and said, “Not all roses have thorns Qwamii”. That is the one that you have to nurture so that it can tell and show the rest of them that we truly love them. Soon they will heal and give hope to everything freely again.” I heard every word and could only reply “Ganama do roses talk?” She laughed and said “yes son, but you’re too young to know there language. You’re young now; one day when you get older you’ll find a special rose. If you do as I say that rose will help others to heal and give hope to all once again.”

Thank you Ganama


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Oct 4, 2003
Yes, what isn't nurtured grows a sharp shield of protection, what is nurtured reaches out and offers the same. A potent message, wrapped up in an endearing story. Much enjoyed!


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Jan 24, 2004
Brick City
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First I must :bowdown: to your Grandma ...deep warrior Queen!!
Wow, I am speech-less ...not because I have nothing to say, but because it's hard to add to "Truth" .."Wisdon" and "Royality!!
Awesome piece poet, awesome indeed.


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Dec 10, 2007
Finance & Endless Possibilities
For a man of few words you sure said a mouthful!!!! I agree with Sis. Watz, Sis Ssalaams89 and Queen. This was very profound. It made me think of myself...

Very "Interested"...LOL!!!

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