Black Money Business Jobs : Why Are There So Few Black-Owned Grocery Stores?

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
Why Are There So Few Black-Owned Grocery Stores?
Local food leaders are seeking solutions to fixing food in their communities

BY TOM PERKINS | Business, Food Deserts, Food Justice, Nutrition

... His is a rare success in Black and brown communities nationwide, but not for lack of effort. In fact, Boudreaux is one of the nation’s few remaining Black people operating full-service supermarkets.

The Grocery Outlet in Compton, California, where Kia Patterson, a Black woman, is an independent operator, is another good example.


Dwayne Boudreaux in Circle Foods. (Photo courtesy of Hope Credit Union)



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Feb 19, 2001
Small profit margin and we don't support


Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
WOW, just WOW. If only there was even just one simple recognizable situation to this generational problem that we as a people could address in a coherent manner we'd be halfway to where we should already be.

I'll share what we all have heard from time to time when this frank and sobering discussion rears it's head to the embarrassment of those that choose not to be straight up as to why they avoid Black owned or even Black managed grocery stores

Unfortunately these are actual quotes:

1. They don't give us a discount for being Black.
2. They charge more then White stores.
3. They look at us like they White and we come to steal.
4. They treat White customers better then us.
5. They don't sell all the stuff the White stores sell.
6. They only sell Black stuff.
7. Why should I buy from them? They didn't hire me when they opened up two years ago and I just applied last week.
8. They too far from my place.
9. They act like just because they here we gotta buy everything from them like they doing us a favor.
10. I don't want nobody to see me buying from a Black store, it makes me look cheap.

Part 1

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Well said Symbol of America, well put indeed ... The only solace I've been able to find, which explains why, as a group of people, we mistreat each other, oft times with malice; lies in the hidden knowledge contained in Deuteronomy 28: 15-68.



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Jan 20, 2015
Leon’s Thriftway may be the oldest black-owned grocery store in the country

That’s why everyone smiles when they see Mr. Leon, who got the place after a Molotov cocktail crashed through the window during the 1968 riots when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Nobody wanted it after that.

And nearly half a century later, Leon’s Thriftway stands as a crisp green oasis in Kansas City’s food desert. When times are lean, shoppers might get a little credit or even a free bag of groceries if Stapleton knows you, and he knows pretty much everybody who comes through the door.

Yes he does know everybody.
Mr. Leon done aged. I use to shop only at Leon’s when I lived in KCMO.
IT WAS Called Leon’s United Super.

I asked Mr Leon one day why his prices were so high. He told how he can’t buy in the same bulk as larger stores.
He took the time to answer my question in full and more.

Read more here:


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