Black Muslims : Who are the Hebrews?? Part One

Keita Kenyatta

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Feb 7, 2004
Honestly, I have a particularly radical take on the Hebrews and their origin; you can blame this on my partial anthropology background.

I break my assessment down, in terms of:
1. Chronology/Timeline
2. Historical migrations and migration trends
3. Geopolitical interactions
4. Cultural themes and motifs
5. Biblical sources
These I understand and I actually have no issues with them being contention is..."when did they become black?" We as African people done absorbed up a lot of people in our time and I'm basically saying that we did so with them also....meaning that history doesn't record them as starting off black...depending on whose research you choose to cross reference....cause the last and least reliable source we can use is the bible.

Omowale Jabali

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Sep 29, 2005
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You had me laughing for a minute there, that's good. Lets deal with first things first. I don't mess with no reptilian stuff or any of that. The oldest nation on the earth is Anu...aka, Cush, aka, Abyssinia,..aka, Ethiopia. Their history records that it was they who sent a colony of people out to occupy the land mass we now call Kemet. They have a history of that area when there was nothing there but water. In other words the dry land we call kemet did not even exist yet. It was they who sent Ausar...aka Osiris and his crew out to occupy the land mass we call Kemet. You with me now?

Right now I see what has to be done. You are a good brother and it's great that you're studying the way that you are. Right now I hate to do this to you but to keep it real...."you need my book"...I mean MY BOOK! It's called "Pulling No Punches The Religious Factor". Now I don't need to promote my stuff so here's what I'll do. You can speak with some brothers and sisters on the sight and ask them what they think of the work before you consider getting it. Ckeck with "Son of Ra" or "Emmanuel Goodman" or "Hiphopolx" or "Destee" or "Omowali" or "Oldsoul" just to name a few. Get their feedback on my work and then holla at me. You'll find my book an excellent resource with excellent resources in them in case you find the need to go further.

Sometimes you have to do more than study the works of the scholars...sometimes you have to study the scholar themselves just to see if they have any influences that might color their research. Like John H. Clark was basically raised in the church. Diop was a Muslim, Dr. Ben was a Mason. and I'm mentioning these things to say that if you don't study the scholar as well as the work you can miss some things J.A. Rogers was married to a white woman as was Diop. Do these type of things influence the research of scholars who claim to be looking for the truth?...most certainly. Dr. Wade Nobles is a psychologist, not a major if I was going to reference anything he said I would have to triple check it.

Now as for the other people you mentioned like ankhnaten and those brothers...well we have statues, pictures, carvings, their reality is not in question. By the way, some of the so called classical writers you mentioned didn't exist either but we'' have to get into that later. The point is that you have a lot of work to do and I'm glad to have met another brother on that quest.
Excellent points especially in regards to 'the evidence'.

There are too many theories going around with no basis in reality, but primary source materials are the most reliable.

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