Black People : White Supremacy Pulling Crap, they would not Dare of Back in the Days of Black Movements


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Nov 18, 2016
:10500:do you do anything but whine ??????
I do a whole lot, , if you got a tude about talking about what is going on! I have worked with every Black leader from Sonny Carson Al Sharpton, Kevin Muhammad now Ishamel Muhammad of the Brooklyn NOI, chapter, under Minister Farrakhan, worked with Assmeblyman Clarence Norman , formed the Bergen st block association and implemented career education media , posters and brochures, working at the then NYC board of ed , in the 80s educating the entire NYC JHS Black student community regarding computer tech and programming jobs, and what math skills they would need and what kind of salaries they could get , back in the 80s

Im trying to be cool bro, and I dont troll your posts , with attitude , cause I can simply say what does your girl Yvette Carnell do but complain and collect dollars for it on youtube!

Now if you see my point is worng we can debate it , but I think you older then me so what you been doing down there in Philly in the 80s and 90s, to uplift the community there ??

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