Black People : White Racist Russell Schiller Attends HBCU Howard Under The Guise Of Caring For BW


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Feb 21, 2016
Whats this trend with a lot of our people easily being fooled by outward racists like these who use tricks in order to abuse Black women and Black men and our privacy. The story speaks for itself. They've been doing this for centuries, yet well known publicists and institutions such as Ebony and Howard in this instance are in glee at this obvious disrespect and abuse. Here you have a white supremacist, who claims that because he grew up around "some" black people, that he somehow "understands" us better and decides to go to Howard University of all places,under the pretenses of somehow being the "ONE" that appreciates Black womens beauty.........And Ebony and a lot of the foolish Attendees at Howard seem to have found this to be in good taste.........but thats not even the tip of the comes to be found out that.....da dada can find the "one" in his very own social media showing his true "color".......let the story speak for never fails..........:SuN034:


In a system of white supremacy, oftentimes many Black people are desperate for any type of praise and accolades from those in the dominant society. And when certain people classified as white pretend to give Black people props, many Black people will lap it up without verifying the sincerity of it.

Recently Ebony Magazine posted a story on it’s website about a white male HBCU student Russell Schiller. Schiller created a hashtag entitled #BlackWomenAreGorgeous, and the Wisconsin native claimed he created the hashtag after becoming increasingly frustrated with other cultures appropriating the features and styles of African-American ladies.

“I thought it was only right to start something that all people can see where the credit belongs and how truly beautiful the culture is. It’s a true passion of mine,” he explained. He even made a video explaining his “love of Black women” campaign.

The story was originally posted on the website -a site that is known for Black women who specifically seek out white males to date. Many people have labeled websites like Beyond Black and White (and the new reincarnation of Ebony magazine for that matter) as “Negro Bed Wench” forums. Negro Bed Wench is a term that describes Black women who specifically date white males and are willing to sabotage any type of Black progress in order to please white society.

Ebony picked up on the story and they were singing the praises of this white knight in shining armor who publicly professed his appreciation for Black women. But when people researched Russell Schiller and his social networking sites, it turns out that he is a blatant white supremacist. On his twitter page, he repeatedly uses the N-word. And he seems to subscribe to many of the same “selling dope” and other stereotypes attributed to Black society. Here are some of his tweets:


People have pointed out Schiller’s racist rants to the staff at Ebony, but the magazine refuses to take down the post. So this just goes to show that magazines like Ebony have reached such a low point, they are willing to praise white supremacists for giving Black women “compliments” no matter how insincere the compliments are.

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