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Nov 18, 2016
How did we forget about how to deal with Racism??
Racism is like Household pests in a Co-Owned property;

If the Co-owners of that property, work together collectively to do due dilligence and maintenance on a regular monthly basis , in unity, then the
household pests are kept in check!

But if they refuse to do due dilligence, refuse to unite, refuse to work collectively over
many years, then that , place they once had will be full of bed bugs, rats roaches and termites, till no one wants to live there !
As a people we had National Black history in the battle against racism , for the past 100 years! So why did we stop in the past 25 years??

sekou kasimu

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Apr 12, 2013
Baltimore, Maryland
Retired Ironworker
"...Generations of Black historians and scholars believe that if they dig up the RIGHT historical facts and present them compellingly enough, it will make a difference. If we show them Emmett Till’s disfigured face. If we dig up the numbers of lynching victims. If we write in exhaustive detail about the intersections between capitalism and the rise of the prison industry and how it disproportionately ensnares Black and Brown people. If we show them the data. If we show them the cell phone footage of our deaths, then they’ll believe. Our words and truths have not convinced White America of our humanity, much less compelled collective action in the name of justice for us. But Black studies has existed for half a century, and White people have dissed it at every turn—scores of Black scholars who have dedicated their lives to producing credible evidence of racism, only to be discredited and devalued and pushed aside. Do we need 500 more years of racial fuckery before we finally get this truth?
There is not a single thing that White people do not understand about racism and white supremacy except the thing that we are addicted to believing we can somehow magically make them see: Our humanity and the suffering caused by living in a racist society. And if White people can pretend that they “don’t see race” or color, they can also pretend not to see racism. Not to see their own privilege, power, or culpability in maintaining an entire system built upon inequality. This game they play is a form of cognitive dissonance that they use to protect racial privilege and reproduce racism in dialogues about race. By faking ignorance, they don’t have to take responsibility for the things they do. By claiming naïveté, they absolve themselves of racist sins so they can turn around and sin again."
Expecting whites to change for the better is obviously a waste of time!!! Dr. Bobbie Wright taught that "in their additude and behavior towards blacks, whites are psychopaths and their behavior reflects an underlying, biologically transmitted proclivity, with roots deep in their evolutionary history"!!! Understanding whites ain't rocket science!

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