Quiet Poetry Lounge : White men down, Black Kings Up!


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May 23, 2006
Got a lot on my mind
But my humble design
Has kept me from talking.
Now I defy your weak power
And am walking
With the Ancestors.
You see my Afrikan Clothes and know what's up
White men down, Black Kings Up!

Sisters be knowing you whack
They chill wit u but still know Brothers r all dat
U think we less than u, calling us spicks and nig*ers
Thinkin we all thugs running with our fingers on da trigga
I'm a honest man, eternal son and humble servant to my Queen.
The only way you could be that to her is in your dream.
You gotta lot of juice homie, but you can't fill my cup.
White men down, Black Kings Up!

U listen to our rap music and our R&B
Dressing, talking, fronting and acting like me.
White mans confused not sure what he wann' be.
Browning his skin? Fattening his lip with a lil nip tuck?!
Nah man....
White men down, Black Kings up!

I used to be nice to you, real humble and cool.
But now you got me mad calling my Brother a fool.
You thought cause I'm light or dress like you I'ma shut up?
Whitey having his party, until I'm fed up.
White men down, Black Kings up!


Much Love to the original (Black Afrikan) Mother.

ps.: Big up Lovesdestiny and Miss Lady for the inspiration. I can not match your skill, but a Brotha sure can try).



- Ikoro


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Nov 2, 2005
Life is waiting....
Full Time Student and Independant Buisness Owner
Salutations King
Black Kings Up

It's only aMatter of Time
Black Kings Up

Great is the King Great are our kind
Black Kings Up

Epitome of Africa Epitome of Me
Black Kings Up

We are the Entity us Kings and Queens
Black Kings Up

Kingdom of Blackness, Power of Being
Black Kings Up

Side By Side, We rise
Black Kings Up

Humbling in your Royalty, You are a King
Black Kings Up

I salute Thee, RISE
Black Kings, UP!

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