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Feb 9, 2001
White American Scientists Search for Secrets of Voodoo MedicineReposted: May 28, 2002 by Paul Barton

Here again is an example of the trickery that has been perpetrated on Africans since the first contact with Europeans, during the pre-colonial and missionary periods (1480's to 1800's) and the Semitic invasion (600's A.D.) and religious imperialism before that.

For many years, Europeans have gone out of their way to trick Africans and Blacks from the Americas to West Papua and Australia, that everything Black is bad, while everything "white" or European is good. Yet at the same time, the bad Black culture, whether music, art, cookery, guerilla warfare, making steel, and more have been stolen and used for the betterment of Europeans and others.

Today we see the same trickery in the area of Black spiritualism, religion and medicine, three aspects of Black culture that are interconnected and have been under the direct control and manipulation of Black spiritualists, healers and shamans, who have the traditional knowledge to create positive results.

In the case of the Yoruba, Bantu, Congo and African religions of the Caribbean, the Southern U.S. and Brazil, the skillful use of spiritualism and medicine as well as the power of the devine will, (personal will and power) has been used in the Black cultures of these areas before slavery, during slavery and to the very present day for medicines, religions and enjoying life. Unlike the mythology of Blacks praying to their ancestors or God and sitting back, the truth is our ancestors and God are the guiding lights that protects what we do out of our own free will and belief ini our own selves and our own power and minds. More on African religions before colonial and Semitic religious imperialism in Africa, see "Harry Potter"

At the same time, people with a racist and religious imperialistic agenda, bent on destroying African spiritualism and culture have sent their "missionaries" to Africa to attempt to change the traditions of Africans, while these same people cannot change the racist, prejudice traditions of their people in Europe or the U.S., or refuse to change the lies and "versions" of the Bible that places some false "curse" on Blacks, and promotes racism.

One of the sacred traditions that have been under attack since the 1900's, has been the African Spiritualist Metaphysical Religion known as "voodoo." This religion which is a direct example of some of the ancient scientific mental religions of ancient Egypt and Nubia, India and West Africa, has been misunderstood and deliberately vilified and "demonized" just as having black skin and speaking African languages was once dehumanized by the slave masters, with some success in some places, and no effect in others.

Today, the very same people who used to look down their noses on the spiritualist religion of Benin (Dahomey, Togo, Yoruba areas, Mende), are now searching all over the Haitian landscape for herbalists who have the secret to creating the so-called "voodoo" potion said to be used in zombification, so that these western scientists can begin to create a medicine to place humans in a "dead" state for a prolonged period of time, similar to the "dead" state of zombies, before they are revived, or the hybernation state of animals during winter.

Now, if African religions, African medicines, herbal potions were so "primitive" why would these white scientists want the secrets. What is worse is the fact that after these white scientists have stolen or copied traditional African medicines and techniques, they quickly go and get a patent and prevent the very same Africans who invented these potions from using it.


The time has long past for Blacks/Africans all over the world, who have a very ancient tradition of herbal medicine to work to preserve it. In China, herbalists are respected. So is the case in India with Ayurvedic medicine. In the Caribbean, no missionary or no trickster from Europe or the U.S. will ever be allowed to trick the people into believing African-Caribbean traditions are less than that of other people, WHILE MANY OF THESE FOLKS GO TO ASHRAMS, AND JOIN ASIAN RELIGIOUS GROUPS.

In like manner, Africa must be very weary and suspicious of tricksters telling Africans that what we have used for tens of thousands of years and seen them work perfectly is of no use, while these same people copy it, extract the chemical properties and use it to build their wealth, then have the nerve to sell factory-made medicines (as in the AIDS controversy in Durban), at a very high price.


As for AIDS, the trick behind it has more to do with forcing population control and implementing genocide on Africans. Where is the AIDS in Japan, a nation where men travel to SE Asia, where AIDS IS OUT OF CONTROL, for sexual tourist trips. Where is the AIDS among the "free sex" emancipated white women of America and Europe, who wear and take all types of pills and have all types of sexual relations because they don't have to worry about pregnancy???? Where is the AIDS crisis in the North African or Middle Eastern nations???

The truth is, there is no AIDS problem in these lands. Only lands with LARGE BLACK POPULATIONS like Africa, India, the Caribbean, Brazil, is there a so-called "AIDS" problem, and since the WHO (World Health Organization) now classifies tuberculosis, kwashiokor, malaria, worms, sleeping sickness, bilharzia and many tropical diseases as AIDS.


What we need throughout the Black world, whether in the Southern U.S., Brazil, the Caribbean, Africa, Melanesia, Southern and Eastern India, Aboriginal Australia, Europe's Black community, or anywhere else, is the immidiate organization of a unified front to take care of our problems as one unified people.

We have a serious problem of slavery and genocide in Matitania and Sudan, occupation of Black lands in parts of North Africa, tribalism and wars being designed by foreign interests who want to controle African resources. We have genoide being committed against our People in West Papua and parts of Melanesia (see (African War Against Arab Invasion of Sudan...) We have a system of racism and extrajudicial injustic where in places like Astralia, "manditory minimums" and "three strikes," are being used to commit genocide against Blacks.

We have Black African men, women and children in places like Brazil and Colombia being exterminated like animals. Isn't it our duty to work for the independance and self-determination of the 200 million Blacks in Latin America? Isn't it our sacred duty to keep invadrs from encroaching on African lands and spreading their religions on Africans, in a new sweep of sanctified racism and imperialism?


In conclusion, the African Renaissance that is steaming must go on, but we have much more work to do and the job of unification on a worldwide basis as well as taking steps to revive and protect our identities, cultures, religions and traditions is also very important.

Paul Barton is the author of:
Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth, pub. by 1stbooks Library, 2595 Vernal Pike, Bloomington, Idiana 47404 U.S.A.

A History of the African-Olmecs: Black Civilizations of America from Prehistoric Times to the Present Era, pub. by

"Susu and Susunomics: The Theory and Practice of Pan-African Economic, Racial and Cultural Self-Preservation," published by iUniverse Inc., 910 East Hamilton Ave., Suite 100, Campbell, California 95008 U.S.A

One of the most important books of the 21st Century, "A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming," soon to be available. This great work deals with the long history of Racism from ancient Black India and the Aryan imposition of "varna" or color codes to the revolutions, rebellions and wars against the Spanish, Portugese, French, English, Dutch and other European colonizers in the U.S.



Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
I totally agree ibrahim ................Not much will be revealed nor will they
truely understand it.

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