Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : Which is correct - Memphite, Hermopolitan, or Theban Schools Of Thought?


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Sep 4, 2019
Here is an issue I ran into when studying Kemetic science - There are three different schools of thought. One school supports the idea that Ptah is the supreme creator (Memphite theology). Another supports the idea that Atum is the creator. And the Hermopolitan school of thought suggests it is Amen. Who has the right knowledge?


May 29, 2007
Excellent question..........Actually all 3 are correct depending on which specific phase you are referring to......Also, in my experience & more importantly, you will keep running into issues with this question & other such profound teachings if the science you are studying does not immediately relate to your own self-development. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING relating to the ancient Nile Valley (of which 'ancient Egypt' was the ZENITH, not the totality), the common denominator is higher spiritual development & immortality (something in us which CONSCIOUSLY survives our physical death).

This spiritual development was divided into 2 main facets, one for the masses of this culture, the other for its 'temple elite'.

Most of the academic circles speak only of what was common to the masses. They view the 'temple elite' as arrogant, spoiled, callous, oppressive, etc.......however, what we know of the 'temple elite' in most cases is quite different, especially in relation to the 'golden ages' of the ancient Nile Valley (as well as other ancient High Cultures). So when one views the mdu Ntr, headdresses, rituals, etc., it all pertained to the aim of instructing the 'temple elite', definitely NOT the masses (altho‘ the masses definitely benefited & few from the masses were ‘enticed‘ into the temple teachings). The hallmark feature of this elite was inner work on oneself, by way of methods similar to meditation, postures, breathing exercises, yoga, mudras, tai chi, qi gong, sacred dances/movements, harmonic-overtone chanting, singing as healing, etc......there are countless examples of this in statues, temple wall pictures, various texts, etc....

It's also very important to note that the lineage of the 'temple elite' is STILL present along the Nile Valley, although they are 'underground'. Folks today like Stephen Mehler & William Patrick Patterson attest to this fact, as well as those in the recent past like Dr. Ben-Jochannan, musician Sun Ra, George Gurdjieff & RA Schwaller Delubicz..........books, videos, etc on these teachings can only serve to strengthen one's 'wish' to be put in touch with such a lineage, because the true knowledge/wisdom can ONLY come from oral transmission by those who know~!

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