Black Spirituality Religion : Where Did The Nuwbuns Come From ? ( Part One ) F.Y.I.O.


Apr 25, 2004
The Nuwbuns ( Nubuns ) or Nuwaubians come from Nuwba ( Nuba )
A county is Siurhern Sudan which included Ethiopia originally called Aksum ( Axum ) , Uganda , And Kenya . They are the original Nine Ether Woolly Haired Being , Descendant of the Anunnaqi , In The Nubun's Language , Nuba is said to mean '' Gold '' This is in Reference To The Gold that was put under their feet . This Gold can be traced in Genesis 2 ; 12 where it says that '' The '' Gold '' In That Land Was Good '' The word being used is Zahab ( Zaw - Hawb - ) Not Nub . There are many different words for Gold in The Dialects of Noah's Seed they are Baw - Tsar , Ka - Ruwtz , Ka - Tham , Sa - Guwr , Fawz And Za - Hub . As You can see Nub is not one of them . The word Nub or Nuwb is the root word of Nabi , Nubians , or Nuwaubians, It means '' Color inclining to black , in Reference to be Nuwbuns The Kinky . Woolly Haired People . When you LQQk up the language of Nuwba You will see that it takes You back to A Kind of the Cu****e dialect . which also includes the Hamites , the Phutites , And the Misramites . Descendants of Noah , And His Sons . The original Nuwbuns migrated from The Persian Gulf Up Into Sumer And Set Up Seven Kingdoms , 1) Tilmun , 2) Salaam , 3) Mu , 4) Lumeria , 5) Qodesh , 6) Nippur , 7) Ashkolan ( Alkebu -Lan ) . Some stayed , while others Migrated west to Egypt and set up seven more Kingdoms .
1) Sippar , 2) Kish , 3) Kutha, 4) Shuruppak , 5) Uruk , 6) , Isin and
7) Eridu . Kish became Kush In The Bible , After Noah's time Phut Took over Libya , Cush took over Ethiopia AndSudan , And Mitstayim Took over Egypt . They also Migrated over here to America and settled in what was then Know As the '' Land Of The Frogs ''
Who are The Olmes and where did they come from ?
The Olmes are the original woolly haired , dark - olive toned people , who originally came from Nuwba of South and Central Africa . They Walked over to America before The Continetal Drift , The name Olmec was given to them by their children , The Aztecs , Many years after , They Migrated To America . . The word Olmec means '' People Of The Rubber Land '' However , their Original name is Nuwbuns , from the word Nuwb ( Nub ) most Historians say that they don't know the origin of the Olmecs , while some Historiansclaim that the Olmec Existed in America during the Pre - Columbian Era .
Why Were The Nuwbuns Called Olmecs ?
The Nuwbuns were called Olmecs '' Dweller of the rubber land '' By The Aztects because when they migrated to America they brought along with them the rubbers trees . They uprooted these trees and planted them here in America . As mentioned Earlier , the Nuwbuns walked Over To America from Africa before The continental drift and became known as Olmec '' Rubber People '' This is why when the Europeans came over . They saw that the natives were playing games with a bouncing ball made of Rubber . The Rubber was extracted from trees that the natives called cau - Uchu a word meaning '' weeping wood '' for the Oozing fluid coming out of the trees . This fluid was systematically Cultivated in Pre - Columbian America , which is when the olmec Civilzation existed . The Europeans Took Pieces of the Gummy material back to Europe And tried to Duplicate the water resistant product such as shose , coats , and capes of the native south Americans . However they were Unsuccessful . The rubber samples that were brought back to europe became merely a Museum piece for the next two centuries . Rubber trees can be found in central and south America . but mainly in Brazil , along the Amazon Valley , Natural rubber trees can also be found in central african countries , Liberia , Nigeria , and Zaire , Today rubber is produced from A Wide variety of plants Especially '' Hevea Brasilienis '' A Tall Softwood tree native to brazil but also from species of Mabea , Manihot , Sapium , Ficus And Others , Rubber is also produced from latex which is produced from gum trees . These gum trees can only be found in Africa . This Gum is called Arabic Gum it comes from a Species of plant called Acacia , The Finest Quality of Arabic Gum is found in Acacia Senegal from which this gum got it's name . A fine quality of gum arabic is also found in the North Western Countries of Africa one of these Countries is Mali , Which was just one of the countries that made up the Malian Kingdom
Where Abubakart ll also known as Bubakari or Bogari , and Mansa Musa Ruled before sailing on the africa tides over . To The Shores Of America .

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