Black Events : When youre in holland and you wanna go out look for these places

Sun Ship

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Aug 31, 2003
Peace and Love

Peace LibertyLady,

Thanks for sharing.

Tell me something you know, about the current Jazz scene in Holland.
And I mean the "real" Jazz scene.


Brother Sun Ship :)


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Jun 4, 2003
Hey liberty lady
my daughter just got back from amsterdam...she is weighing the possibility of living there (love calls her0
last time i was there (last year october/november) we went to urban myths...ate inthe cafe in building on the corner..
I've seen a few things there and really like the art they display.
I've actually been to a few other places there and seen some plays and dance concerts...she is not here right now, i must get the name of area where we were..between the buses and the underground i can't be specific.
still loving it dear friends continually send me info..
one thing i do remember and was amazed the museum (starts with an S the national museum...not to far from the van gogh) I saw a piece that had been created by this workshop of young teens from what i would call innercity areas. Each one had a square and they looked at the painting of "the negro" and inside of there square using the color tones from the original they were to draw it as they felt it. and what came out was this grid that was20 times the size of the original...still looking like the man and yet as you looked in each grid square they had put messages, drawn a variety of was awe inspiring. about 100 different energies connected as one and still with their own individuality.
It was to large to travel...the museum was being renovated and was about to close , someone took me to the area they had been working so i could see it ...i am told it was going to be on display...Have you seen it..
I will get the names to be more specific...
love amsterdam...


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Jun 4, 2003
liberty lady
the museum is rijksmuseum i was speaking of that was being renovated and had that wonderful grid
My daughter and friends say paradiso is really a concert venue...and they have some african rooted musicians but is not just african rooted. as are the others...she doesn't recommend sinners tho...

the dance concert was is osdorp...


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Aug 24, 2002
social worker...
Yes i will do my best to search for it sunship.....

one festival i know is in june that is called North sea jazz...

but there are comming also big artist from youre area..

there are some clubs where they have jAZZ session nights...

i one one is held by Hans dulfer ...i dont know the place yet (but i wil find out) hans dulfer is the father of candy dulfer who is a dutch sax player...who will tour with prince this year ...

There were these jazz nights called JAZZ_iZMZ :eek: ....
held in the pompoen witch is changed the name by or i think the last one is correct...

Deepy sister .....
this is cool so she is following Bratt pit and jennifer aniston..
some people come and live here just for the
but i must say that amsterdam is a nice city....
its funny cause i,m kinda planning to leave from here....
about the museum i will check it out for you....
to be honest i havent seen all the corners of amsterdam myself ....sinds i lived here but i will before i leave ......(If i leave with gods will lol)but somethimes i just took the bike and ride over the amsterdamse grachten....
and that is nice......
Well i just wanted to let you know that if you will come here.....
you can always ask me for help about anything...and guide you as far as i can as long as i,m here and even if i,m not i maybe know someone else who will
and that means for anyone who is vissiting holland.....

maybe one of you already have seen me Riding on my bike with my bleu jeanscap on....while you were sitting in the tram....LOL or playing the bleus with my gitar on the
thats me....

Love Libertylady:heart:

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