Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
I just have fun
writing my own thoughts down
funking them haters and foes
ain't giving a mad funk
Mansa Musa and Hannibal Barca they know we up
plus 2Pac is in the house with Makaveli no doubt
and Maya Angelou will always teach me a lesson
i'm on my own destination
doing my greatest without hesitation
all for my Ancestors who the greater
cause Queen Nzingha ain't joke
and Queen Nyakasikana walks with me daily and nightly
and Queen Yaa Asantewaa got my back ahhh yeEah
and Queen Ranavalona is the definition of beauty kills
and Queen Nyabinghi is the metronome
Harriet Tubman always show me the way further and further into each one of my goals
cause X are over my two eyes it is no way i cannot lose
with Marcus Garvey now we cool plus business and economics tight
cause tonight is the day
plus i might with all my fights
tale me Imhotep how you remain death defying????


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
You gotta remember when you work you always invest....and when you invest you always ask yourself what is next? See i stay growing up you feel me? No sense in stopping cause the clock is steady tick tocking...tick...tock....tick....tock...tick and we don't stop. Use what you got to get what you need and never flaunt they wants...shoot i want my draws and socks that says Edo Cherokee....playing with them panties can get you caught up in some mathematics you wasn't prepared for and nowadays of the majority she wasn't prepared for either. Best keep your mindset on your Empire while in your first Dynasty cause in dreams everybody is anybody be prepared for your own realer. It's all about Business and Economics and remember keep your penis to yourself until she is down to die for you and nobody else. Now that's a real Queen that Empress from a Princess and not a fairy tale. Until then get with your Ancestors however you get with them you know what i'm saying?? Okay then start set'tripping and stop know mathematically from your scientific approach you know what i'm saying? Don't be a human. Be a Young Ancestor. And i'm out....

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