Black Spirituality Religion : What's your soundtrack?


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Apr 17, 2008
I gotta a thing for those gutter real talk trash talkin seductive femme fatale rappers with a raunchy and kinky je ne sais quoi about them.

Khia, Riskay, Shawnna, Rasheeda, Gangsta Boo, Sole, Lil Kim (before the surgery), Mia X, Trina, Foxy Brown

The things they say goes against the structured social norms of our society and the "model behavior" that women are suppose to exhibit. It evokes such raw passion and I LUV IT!! It's iconoclast-ik.

emanuel goodman

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Jun 25, 2006
social worker
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Whenever you are doing your work, meditations or what have you, what would be the soundtrack or music playing in the background?

Mine would be "One Mic" by Nas....


my image nation has various recordings from opera to country rap to neo soul. Most of the time my spirit selects a song that is suitalble. This can make me look crazy sometimes to others because i am bobbing my head without a head phone devise. If is it my choice opera is good for mediation neo soul for light work. Hip hop is good for help with development of creative side. I usually like to free style first to open my mind up to different ways of thinking thus altering the perception. During mediation alot of the time i hear old drums beating and chanting. I hear this alot when i mediatate with no sound. It varies sometimes i hear native american rhythums and sometimes i cannot tell the tongue nor the vibrations point of orgin. I continue to look for repetitions so i can develop a lanquaqe. I know this is a little of topic brother black bird but have u experienced the sound of drums and what sounds like incantations. I want to welcome them and let them know that they presence is apperciated and an honor.


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Feb 9, 2006
what is your...

when i'm doing some serious work,i groove with my good friends the temptin temptations.
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