Black Spirituality Religion : Whats the difference between the Orishas, Loa, Alusi, Neteru, etc


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Jun 19, 2007
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In my studies, I have come across many traditions, and many different deities in each that not only share similar attributes, but also similar colors, whether its Heru of the Neteru, Shango of the Orishas and Amadioha of the Alusi, or Erzulie Dantor of the Loa, Het-Heru of the Neteru, and Osun of the Orishas. But over and over again, priests will say that the Orishas and the Neteru or Loa or whatever tradition are similar but NOT interchangable, which confuses me. If each of them is controls a certain aspect of our world, how can they all be different? What is the difference between the Neteru, Orishas, Loa, Alusi, etc?


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Jun 19, 2007
Washington DC MetropolitanArea
A few examples:


Obatala of the Orishas


Ausar of the Neteru


Siete Rayos of the Nkisis


Shango of the Orishas


Heru of the Neteru


Oshun of the Orishas


Het-Heru of the Neteru


Ezili Dantor of the Loa


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Jan 31, 2004
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