Black Poetry : *****, What!?


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Nov 26, 2002
Rocky Mountains, High
Every day my ears are bombarded with words of negativity.
But the one word that I just can't except is that word, "*****"
Brothers and sisters of different generations use it
Like it means something totally different then what it means.
If you ask them, they tell you it's an ignorant person.
Wrong **** answer.
That word was maliciously derived
As a derogatory word to characterize
Now it's an exclamation point, comma, period, or just an exclamation.
People say it's different if it's spelled with an "A".
But "er" wasn't pronunced by those who owned slaves.
It's easier for our nation to say "*****" instead of brother.
I don't know why.
It's the same amount of syllables, so it takes the same amount of breath.
If a white person says it, it's cause for their death.
No matter how down they are.
They call it the "N" word on t.v. because it's an unacceptable term.
White people don't call each other "cracker".
Homosexuals don't call each other "faggots".
Asians don't call each other "chinks".
But we can't put that word behind us.
We accept it as a term of endearment.
Would you call your mother one?
Or your grandmother?
So why must I be called one, because you love me?
Just call me brother.
And if that's too hard to say, just call me dog.:confused:

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