Black Spirituality Religion : What Topic, That You Did Not Witness, Would You Passionately Debate & Argue?


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Jun 10, 2008
What other topic, besides spirituality / religion, that you did not witness ... would you so passionately debate and argue?
There is another topic that I would fight over that I have never experienced but its becoming more and more important to me.

Rape in Prisons! This has become important to me because I'm extremely focused on the idea that this judicial system invites homosexuality by means of rape to young males that are incarceration. Its praised in the media when one commit a crime, its part of entertainment in movies such as "lets go to prison". I've read stories where innocent black men were sentenced to prison for 20 years and found innocent but when they come out they have horror stories of being sexually assaulted by multiple men.One of the most popular phrases are "don't drop the soap" which has become a parody of jokes while real life issues of rape are happening from this act.

There are an estimated 850 thousand rapes in prison every year which is the size of a major metropolitan city yet there is at any given time 2 million inmates. That is almost half of the men in prison raped at any given time. United States is the only nation on this planet where men are raped more then women and this is glorified through movies yet to rape a woman is highly frowned upon and rightfully so. Yet why is raping a woman frowned upon but raping a man is the but of all jokes in comedy, media and so forth?

I call this system a system of legalized rape. With the statistics being the way that they are it is without reason that all prison officials (warden, c/o's, governors, etc ) know what is going on and allow it to happen. 85% of all African American inmates are in for drugs and not violent crimes. That means 15% of AA inmates are there for some form of violent crime where it was murder, rape, pedophilia, etc ...

AA are now only 65% of the prison system which houses 2 million inmates. 65% of 2.1 million is 1.3 million inmates while 850 thousand inmates are being rape yearly with most cases unreported? What this simply means is that a large percent of African American males have in fact been raped and having reported it or will never tell their wives, girlfriends, etc when they get out what has happened to them for fear of being looked at as less than a man.

I was in Arkansas and I met this young brotha while I was working out there. This young brotha was talking to me and my cousin who I was visiting out there. My cousin asked him what happened to him because the brotha had a strange walk as though he had one leg shorter then the other. This brotha without blinking or embarrassment told us he was severely raped in prison multiple types while the guards encouraged it. He said some of the male guards provoked situation where the men were getting raped for their sick fantasies - and then go home to their wives. He also explained to me that the guards were actually raping the male inmates as well. He said its a homosexual fantasy to work in a male prison.

With all of that being said - we have to stop this nonsense which I call legalized homosexual rape (LHR).

I'm becoming more and more passionate about it as I learn more and more because our kids are being turned out by homosexuals coming out of the prison and our kids are being turned out by homosexual doing life prison.

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