Black Spirituality Religion : What Really Happens After Death?


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Aug 3, 2014
.Millions of black folk have been :research: religiously taught of the idea of folklore places known as "heaven" and "hell" and of this fight of "good" vers "bad", and this ongoing battle for their souls, etc.
Heaven and hell are states of Mind.
Good does not battle Evil.
Souls are the Individualization of the Spirit

God vers Satan, etc. And millions do believe in life after:facepalm: death, etc. They believe in this judgment day, this day of soul reckoning, etc. Where one's earthly deeds are judged, evaluated, etc. After which a soul could be reunited with his maker or be casted into a pit of fire and eternal suffering, etc. We all believed in what our:script: elders taught, etc.
Their is Only one Spirit....God
Their is no death...just an Awakening
You Judge your Yourself
You are never separated from Spirit
Any pit of fire is a creation of your Mind

After all, it had to be true, or is it? Look what happens after we die is a question that many black folk have and still may:console: grapple with throughout their lives. It;s further stated that judgment day will come after this final war Armageddon, and the living and dead will be judged, etc. the question is, "Do we human beings:angel1: possess an immortal soul or spirit?" Btw... spirit is really just another word for soul.
Armageddon is that which is the cause of your Awakening.
It is final only for this Soul.
Mind is the Creative facet/aspect of Spirit...Thought and Imagination is its tool.
Spirit is the like space inside of a container, the walls of the container is like the Body....Spirit and Body is Soul
Spirit is God hence immortal.

Do we somehow survive the destruction of our brain? How do any of you picture Judgment Day? Also, I don't care who you are or where you live, such answers concern each of us.....:news: what do y
ou think?
We survive
Judgement day is when you Recall all the things you did and didn't do, and the effects they had and whether or not you accomplish what you set set out to accomplish.


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May 26, 2019
I guess that once one's life ceases that's it, lights out, nothing else! Perhaps there is no soul, once the human brain dies, there went all your memories, actions, and soul, etc. Human's would have to have evolved into pure energy for all these things you beliver's talk about to happen, etc. Especially the talk about dead bodies lying in some state of "wait", etc. Perhaps there is no Creator God, etc. Then we humans must be Aliens existing inside a shell of a body of pure energy, etc. Or, we are one one od a many species and creatures, etc., that live and die through out this universe's many planets, etc. OR....:research1:
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