Egypt : What Race Were the Ancient Egyptians?

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
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Those Egyptians were extremely color messy. Prior to this time period when this depiction occurred, the original Egyptians hold the key to their true origins.

I went to visit the Fine Arts museum in Boston, and it was amazing. In one side, the entire bottom floor had rooms and rooms of Egyptian artifacts and then also on the second floor. On the second floor in the middle expanse was like amazing in regards to the 11th Dynasty and prior. When I walked in, I felt like I went into A BAT CAVE!!! the massive columns and huge statues were BLACK, BLACK, BLACK, BLACK AS TAR!!! The pharaohs were BLACK AS TAR!!! On the bottom floor, in one room, the later period showed the color variation. The Egyptians were very dark, but also MATTED, meaning dark reddish-brown, like dark mahogany wood.

On the second floor and before I walked into what I call 'THE BAT ROOM', was a lot of artifacts about the 12th dynasty. Some of the statues of the really Black Egyptians were defined repeatedly by the ancient Egyptian definition; BITUMEN!!!

This word, 'BITUMEN' would be the origin of the word 'BATMAN'; and this would be the true origin of the Egyptians. Just like the cow goddess 'BAT' depicted on the Narmer Palette reveals, the original Egyptians were 'BATMEN'; black as bitumen, black as tar.

The two distinct origins of the post-flood Egyptians stems from 'Egupta' [ie. East Indians; Gutans, Chandraguptans...] and also the west in the land of Ham; 'abel-Mizraim'. The Hamitic Egyptians would be the priesthood origins but the Matriarchal system of the post-flood times stems from the east. The pre-flood Egyptians [ie. Heptah, the land of PTAH...] was distinct as opposed to the post-flood times...

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