Law Forum : What makes a contract legally binding?


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Jul 1, 2012
Parties, consent, object and consideration plus a blank sheet of paper with lines signed and dated of names. So no need to fear we all minds in common for one thing--unity.
It's just like going to the mosque, church, or any organization as a non-profit except the owner of the business does not profit. We have a load of issues to include education, food, shelter, water, and health. We need land (real estate) to generate profit and common sense will be land. On land we can create and generate, i have a phone number, email address or we can hook up through web conferencing and get this party started. In order to get anything done, we must be proactive and tactful. I'm in richland county south carolina and not looking to run for president but i am positive about us as a people coming together and i am willing to travel even if i gotta take a plane trip back europe or first africa, back to asia or first time latin america or across the states. If a school comes out of our plan in ohio then so be it, in london if we bought a bed and breakfast so be it, land to feed ourselves and so a farmer(s) will need to be on site and who is better than us to do the work. The options and ways are endless as long as the fundraising continues every month....input from the people?

Article 1 Section 10 U.S. Constitution: "No State shall ... pass any ... Law impairing the obligation of Contracts..."

Private agreements are honored. Except if there is a dispute that is not under seal (assumpsit).

But anyway...

Nu-Covenantplus dot com

^ This community is dedicated toward land ownership and building an independent society. Look into it.


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Feb 17, 2013
thanks for the help brother. i cannot even begin to express why it is so hard to just come together. i was brought up and taught to listen to what our sisters have to say and the brothers and just make a way. i'm looking for the black female who will help me like a king and queen but without all the lovey dovey stuff you know what i'm saying? like when we see a black couple, or black genders together the response to contribute to our own welfare and being is greatly amplified. you saw it on the news and books from the kings to the shabazzes. when a black female gets up and stands beside the black male the community know we all mean business and it is symbolic in nature of strength, compassion, duty, loyalty and honesty and fore some reason people are not seeing this clearly. so i'm trying my best out here without her or with. it is is frustrating but i keep moving on in spirit. thanks for the help seriously! thanks again.

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