Black People : What kind of employee are you?

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Sep 7, 2009
I am both an employee and an employer. I work a full time job and I own a business. I have always wanted to have a job that I enjoyed so much that I would do it even if I where not being paid. I have also always loved business. Therefore, I have, for most of my adult life had both a job and a business. One thing this does is give me the perspective of both the employee and the employer.

As an employer, I have found that finding good employees is a challenge. I came to the conclusion years ago that it is important to pay people what they are worth. I look for people who understand that their purpose as an employee is to enhance the companies bottom line.

If you are an employee, are you productive? Do you act with your employers bottom line in mind? Are you compensated as an employee appropriately for your skill level and value to the company? How would you rate yourself as an employee? Do you enjoy your job?

If you are self-employed, do you have employees?


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Apr 21, 2007
I hate working for other people.

A couple years back, I had my own graphics design business. I didn't have any employees because I really only needed myself at that time to do the graphics. I had a business partner, but he handled the networking/marketing side.

If I do work for a company, outside of my own, I don't work well in team-environments...I work better with less supervision and alone.

Do I act with my employers bottom line in mind???? Uh...whatchu talkin' bout Willis?

Since I'm not employed right now, cause it's SUMMER, I did/do like my job as a Sub Teacher....I was given instructions by the teacher who was absent and it was pretty easy...and I enjoyed the kids, and I think they also got a kick out of me yeah I liked my job.


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Mar 21, 2001
I am both an employee and an employer. I work a full time job and I own a business.

I too have both and working i give myself 110% to produce the product at it's
highest grade as a business man i agree good help is hard to fine when it comes
to the best intrest of the company. But I try to build and instill that we grow
together by giving and fulfilling the customers need.

I love what i do on both ends , sometime it can be a very stressful maze
from one end to the other.............i now direct my focus on my profolio
and shares and how to move my chips

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