Black Spirituality Religion : What Is Mythology ? Part One


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May 19, 2004
First let's LQQk at the word '' Myth '' which according to Webster's New World Dictionary is ; A word , legend , A traditional story of unkbown authorship , serving usually to explain some phenomenon of nature , The origin of man , or the customs , religous rites , etc . of people ''' . Actually mythology is myths or stories invented to cover up explanations of the Truth which are usually traditional stories of unknown origin with Historical basis , But serving usually to explain some extremely extraordinary occurrances of natures . Some examples are ; The Creation of the earth , or the origin of man .

However , when I speak of Myths or Mythology , mainly I am speaking of Religion , Three Basic Institutionalized Religion Being Judaism / Christianity / Islam , And The Many Denomination And Sect That Branched Off From These Organized Religion , Most of their practices and rituals stem from '' Ur of Chaldea
( Ur '' means , '' Flames of fire '' . And Chaldea means '' Abode of demons '' ) Man named Abraham , Abraham's action became Misunderstood as Hebrew ( Ibriy ) meaning '' To Cross '' Religion because He Crossed Over The Tigris-Euphrates River To Go To The Land Of Canaan , Which Gave Birth To The Other Three .

( 1 ) . Judaism - by way of Judah , son of Jacob and Leah . Who was A descendant of Isaac . Sons of Abraham and Sarah .
( 2 ) . Islam - by way of Muhammad son of Abdullat and Amina , Who was A descendant of Ishmael , son of Abraham and Hagar .
( 3 ) . Christianity - by way of Jesus son of Gabriel and Mary , descended from Jacob . son of Isaac .
So the real Jews , Christians and Muslims are those who follow Abraham's Religion . ( Abraham , Son Of Terah And Nuna ) .

Abraham Hebrew Judaism ( 4,000 B.C. ) Scroll Torah Of Moses
From Judaism Came ; Christianity ( 2,000 B.C. ) Scroll New Testament
From Christianity Came Islam ( 1,400 A.D. ) Scroll Koran

As you've seen . These three sects came out of Abraham . Now , You can go back and say no . Noah's time was before then . However , Noah was never called A Hebrew or Israelite or follower of Islam or Christianity , And The Scholars of that day and time weren't speaking of Religion with Noah , This Was Before The Laws . They Never Mentioned Anything Concerning Circumcision Or Any Other Ritual .Until Abraham's Time . ( Noah Son Of Lamech And Hamiylah )

Genesis 17;23 ( Aramic ) And I Quote ; And Abraham Took Ishmael His Son . And All That Were Born In His House , And All That Were Bought With His Money , Every Male Those Like Zakar / Adam '' Men Who Would Remember '' Among The Enosites Of Abraham's House , And Circumcised The Skin Of Their Forskin In The Very Same Day , As The Eloheem Had Said To Him

What Is The Problem With These Three Sect ? The main problem with these Three Sects then and now . Is Mythology . During the time of Abraham . Myths and Theories were prevalent because . They did not have computers Encyclopedias . Dictionaries ( Definitionaries ) . Sources Of Refernce , Telesopes , Etc . They didn't have the many instruments that man has in his Possession today . So , They interpreted events and natural occurrences in terms of Myths .

( Whether you want to say that these instruments came from SAMAEL ( who is referred to as the devil ) , the sons of Tarnush and MYLITTA or not , The fact is that they do exist . and with these instruments . Man has been able to Analyze fossils ( Old Rocks ) , Old Bones , Old Scroll , And Old Places . They've Been Able To See Further Into The Universe Than They Have Ever Seen Before ) .

They have found A 2,8 Milllion year old skull found in Kenya , East Africa Original Hamites . They have also found '' Neanderthal Man '' Teeth , Are from the worlds oldest known Cemetery In France . These Teeth Are Said To Be More Than 800,000 years old . Now , Either you can pretend that this Fossil don't exist or throw away your Theories of early Man . These Fossil confirms that Life on The Planet Earth must have began , More than 10,000 years ago . ( Which Opposes What Your So-Called Religious Scholars Have Been Teaching For Years About The Beginning Of Creation And Man ) .

With modern Technological Instruments Scientist have found out much more about The Galaxies , The Sun, The Stars , The Different Planets And What They're Composed Of . From The Year 4,000 B.C.E. Up Until 1,400 Years ago A.D. Mankind Did Not Have That Knowledge , Thus , Many Things Were Based On Either Myths Or Theories . One Example Would Be .

Mith - The Sun Rises In The And Sets At Night ,
Fact - Human Being Are Under The Impression That The Sun Rises And Sets And That The Sun Is No Longer There Or In Existence Until The Early Part Of Day - Break . However , As The Planet Earth Rotates On An Axis Of A 23 1/2 Degree Angle . One Side Of The Planet Earth Is Receiving The Sun' Rays Of Light ,

While the other side of the planet is receiving the protective shadow of the Sun . This is necessary to keep the planet from over heating . The Sun stays in the Sky at all times . You just Can't See It . When its Daylight on one side of the Earth its Shadow time on the opposite side . So if you are on the opposite side of the Sun's Light , You are in the shadow until the side of the planet earth where you are Rotates over to the direstion in which the Sun is giving off its Rays Of Light And Heat , SO IN REALITY THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NIGHT ; ONLY SHADOW HOURS .

The Earth spins around its Axis once every 23 hours , 56 minutes and 6 seconds . This Motion Creates Day And Night ,
The Earth moves with the Sun as the Sun of the Milky Way once every 200 million years ,
As The Earth rotates upon its 23 1/2 Axis different parts of it are exposed to the Sun's Light . changing from daybreak to morning to noon to shadow hour ,

In recent years , Astronomers found out that the Sun does not Rise or Set . So when you see places in the Koran such as verse 6;78 And I Quote ; When he saw the sun rising in splendour, he said: "This is my Lord; this is the greatest (of all)." But when the sun set, he said: "O my people! I am indeed free from your (guilt) of giving partners to Allah. ;....
Where it mentiones The Sun Rising And Setting You Have To Realize That This Was 1,400 Years ago . They did not have the telescopes or The Scientific Technology they have today , Muhammad didn't know this .

And if there is A divine being called Allah , Rab or Ilah of the Koran , The Creator , El Khaaliq in Ashuric / Syraic [ Arabic ] And El Khalaq In Aramic [ Hebrew ] would know that The Sun didn't rise or set , because he made it happen and would not have put that in A divnely inspired book from Himself . In fact his 93rd attribute is El Nuwr < Arabic > '' The Light '' In Aramic / Hebrew its Naar . The fire of a candle . Also the Sun is 93 Million Miles from the planet earth which was created 93 Billion years ago . All of that , then he still doesn't know if The Sun Set . '' No Way '' How Could The Creator Who Created The Sun And Made All Of These Things Come Into Existence , Make This Mistake ?

No . The Creator could not make that kind of mistake . So from this I know that this was A Myth that was passed down from the previous Scriptures because in Genesis 15;12 , In their translation , It says that '' The Sun Went Down For Abraham . '' Then when I Move to the New Testament in the tales of Matthew 5;45 , I Encounter the same problem where it mentions the Rising And Setting Of The Sun . The Sun Does Not Move In The Aspect of Rising And Setting , However , to A mortal man standing on the Planet Earth who known nothing about Astronomy or the Universe and does not have A Telescope ;

Which is the instrument that makes distant objects appear Nearer . He Really Sees The Sun Rise . It Is Considered Romantic ( Rome [ The Capital Of Italy ]- Antic [ Grotesque ] Here in West / America To Sit Out In The Latter Part Of The Day With Your Loved One And Watch The Sun Set . They Implant This Into Your Mind . Therefore , They Are Actually Asking You To Watch A Myth ; Which Of Course , Is SomeThing That Is Not Really Happening . THE WORD MYTH - THEOLOGY IS THEORIES ABOUT THE MYTHS . Fortunately , You are not living in A New Era of Time , Quraan 17;81 ( In Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic ) And I Quote ; And Say ; The Fact Beyond Any Doubt Have Come And False Ways Were To Vanish , Surely The False Ways Were To Vanish In Time .

Myth ; The First Human Being On The Planet Earth Was Was Adam . Fact ; The problem with Judaism is that when they are speaking of Zakars / Adam's birth based on their calendar date , It would not have been any more than 5,000 to 6,000 Years Ago . The Christians Ascribe to the same thing concerning Zakar's / Adam's birth , And the Muslims add on 2,000 Years More and say that 7,000 Years Ago is when he was born , This is because they are LQQking over the Events that took place Prior to Gan = The Enclosed Garden Of Delight ; Know As The Garden Of Eden In Your Bible .

Zakar / Adam is the same man to all Three Of These Religions , Who came from the same place , that they consider the beginning of all creation ; Thus , Dating The Birth Of The Planet According To Their Calaculation To Not More Than 7,000 - 10,000 Years Ago . First Of All It Is A Known Fact That The Earth Existed More Than 10,000 Years Ago And People Inhabited The Planet Earth Long Before The Creation Of Zakar / Adam Which Was Really 49,000 Years Ago Not 7,000 or 6,000 Years Ago As Most So-Called Biblical Scholars Calculate .

Zakar / Adam Which Means '' Remember '' Who Was Also Called Kham , Meaning '' Dark Skinned '' . And Nekaybaw / Eve Meaning '' Tribal Leader '' Contrary To What You Have Been Taught , Were Not The First People On The Planet Earth . They Were The Descedants Of Two Of The Three Tribes That Existed On The Planet Earth Million Of Years Ago . These Three Tribes Were The Last Survivor From The Original Creation Of The Planet Earth Which Was 24 Billion Years Ago That Was Destroyed By A Flare Of Meterites 14 Million Years Ago .


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Feb 26, 2013
( Which Opposes What Your So-Called Religious Scholars Have Been Teaching For Years About The Beginning Of Creation And Man ) .
Doesn't matter. Th men of old had far more wisdom than any do today, even being technologically as advanced as we are. Even if many lands disagreed as to who the Father was, there was no questioning His existence as so many do today.

And what they had back when, what Abraham had, was faith, which he didn't call his religion, and didn't give a name like Judaism.

That was given a name to distinguish those who kept the faith of Abraham, by believing in and having faith to the Son, and all He had done for us such as His sacrifice for our sins, and resurrection the 3rd day, and prophecies, and miracles, and so on, from those who didn't keep the faith of the Son but would rather live in by the law of works.

It's still what it is back when; faith in our Father and the Son. Religion is what binds us, that we live accordingly to the Father's command, but never without faith.
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