Black People : What Is It Tat Have Black Afrikan People?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
What Is It That Have Black Afrikan People Loving Our Oppressors And Being Patriotic To The Country That The Oppressors Have Control And Authority Over?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

The Subject matter of this post deserves repeating even though it means nothing to the victims of the stated question and therefore, I will repeat the question with serious concerns which is, What Is It That Have Black Afrikan People Loving Our Oppressors And Being Patriotic To The Country That The Oppressors Have Control And Authority Over, in which the Descendants Of Black Afrikans Enslavement have Black Afrikans residing today out of Afrika without a choice.

The question is significant in that those Black Victimized Afrikans with Black Ancestors that was captured and taken away from their earthly region Homeland Afrika they be the descendants from Afrika Black Afrikans and place the blame on Time rather than white Racism and unjust prejudice that have those Descendants from Enslaved Black Afrikans choosing today now with the opportunity to Think but choose not too, but choose to believe, which is what have the Descendants of those Black Enslaved Afrikans now willingly identifying with the country of which they were Enslaved and still is oppressed, the country with no respect for them coming from that white racist doing the enslaving and now we Black Afrikans today marking the oppressors by having no respect for the Black Self and our Homeland, Afrika.

There seems to take place a conversion of the organic Nature of the Black Divine Beings Design over time as Black Afrikans are taken away from the Land of their Mother and Father by force and any other kind of way, Black Afrikans absent from living in Afrika goes through a metamorphoses to the extent that we loose all identity with and spiritual connection to the Land of our Ancient of Ancient Black Cosmic Universal Ancestors who Nationalized themselves to that region of earth now is referred to as Afrika and there they chose to establish the Greatest Civilization known by people calling themselves Mankind consisting of the womb and Staff Gender Of a stand up-walking physical Being with a sense of conscious being able to Divinely Reason but not all time do, yes that is us today Black Afrikan people in America calling ourselves Americans with no allegiance to Afrika.

I often time cause myself to have an out of body Mind experience and get into the Black Afrikan American mind set to see what it is that is causing the Black Afrikan American to become so disenchanted with Afrika but is enchanted in being patriotic to America, such a mind set common sense is not applicable but to a distorted mind drunk on believing, such a spirit being displayed by Black Americans toward the countrymen that treated our Black Afrikan Ancestors as their Chattel. is so relaxed in having their spiritual display of Love and devotion to America and not to Afrika and that is why there has not been for approximately five Hundred years a serious fight for demand of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation and today there is no Afrika for the Black Afrikans, beloved.

Now, the question that I put to myself is, do I think this I am sharing with Black Afrikans will make a difference to the way Black Afrikans begin to use our mind void of belief, no I do not.

Because what I see of Black Afrikans today being in America is like being in paradise waiting on Jesus to come to take them to the heavenly paradise and Black Afrikans rather wait believing in the religious doctrine Lucifer has written in the name of a God Lucifer did create for the purpose of having the once Divine Cosmic Black Universal Being mentally performing as we do now in America and wherever Black Afrikans are residing today complaining about how we are being treated by those in the country where we reside without being given respect for who we Black Afrikans are and with the mind Lucifer have Black Afrikans using today, there will be no salvation for the Black Afrikan people as long as Lucifer can have us believing that our Salvation is to come out from the sky and not from our own controlling of our own natural designed Mind which has no place for believe to reside because believe is a demon to the Divine Mind of Black Afrikan people!!!

Granted, Black Divine Cosmic Universal Beings are an exploring sedimentary race of common natural heritages people, not vagabonds, we are an adventurous exploring Race but wherever we settle we do not loose thought of Mind sight of the Center of our Nationalist Culture location and we maintain that well developed conscious connection and awareness of the central location from which we traveled on this planet earth because there is where the center of our Black Power reside and we are to use common sense when we begin to experience discomfort wherever we are away from Afrika we are to return to the center of our Black Afrikan power, Afrika!!!

But, not anymore, you have Black Afrikans residing at the four cardinal points of this Earth and now most have lost the Nationalist Spiritual connection to our Mother and Father Land Afrika and for doing so we now pay the price for the using of a believing mind over the natural Mind of useful Thinking to know about what we need to know about and not believe about, a mental use that is detrimental to the Divinity of your organic presence as a physical thinking conscious Black Universal Being.

So, what I see from my out of Divine Mind experience looking through the mind eye of perception of the Black Believing Afrikan Americans is that the Black Afrikan Nationalist must begin to organize ourselves to become prepared to collect our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation and return back to the center of our Power base which is in Afrika, not to do so, the Black Afrikan Race in its Natural mental state is doomed to be no more guided by the Divine Mind Nature Designed us with, but with a mind of Lucifer that has no care and respect for Mother Afrika today.

What I see of our entire situation we Black Nationalist Garveyites are in here in America, the Black Afrikan Americans are our number one enemy against us receiving the Reparation/Repatriation earned by our Enslaved Ancestors, not some kind of Welfare Civil Rights Reparation for individual Black Afrikan Americans!!!

Divine Respect

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