Gun Ownership : What Is An Assault Weapon? Do You Really Know? The Difference?


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Apr 3, 2008
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How often have you heard "We must ban assault weapons. Let's get the weapons off the streets. Or : Gun Shows are selling assault weapons to illegal aliens that end up in Mexican Drug Dealers hands." Each one of the previous statements are LIES,LIES,and more LIES. If these statements are all lies, then what is the truth one must ask. Well here is the truth the government and spin doctors in the media do not want the people to know and understand. This truth will shine more light on the hypocrisy and misdirection that is used to muddy the truth with deception and misdirection. The purpose should be quite obvious to you by know. They want you to lay down roll over curl up into the fetal position and start sucking your thumb. By using words that sound scary, dangerous, and frightening to those who are not well informed they are succeeding in their strategy. Listen to an expert tell you what the real meaning and description of these terms really are. After watching and understanding, you will not easily be fooled by people with microphones stuck in their faces spreading lies and propaganda to achieve sinister objectives. Peace


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Apr 3, 2008
Dallas, Tx.
Assault weapon

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Not to be confused with assault rifle, FGM-172 SRAW, M202 FLASH, or Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon.
Assault weapon is a political term, often used by gun control advocates, typically referring to firearms "designed for rapidly firing at human targets from close range,"[1] sometimes described as military-style features useful in combat.[2]
The term was most notably used in the language of the now-expired Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act of 1994, more commonly known as the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which expired in 2004. The federal assault weapons ban specifically prohibited 19 guns considered to be assault weapons. These were all semi-automatic firearms, meaning that they can eject spent shell casings and chamber the next bullet without human action, but (as opposed to automatic firearms) only one round is fired per pull of the trigger.[1] In addition to the 19 weapons specifically prohibited, the federal assault weapons ban also defined as a prohibited assault weapon any semiautomatic rifle with a detachable magazine and at least two of the following five items: a folding or telescopic stock; a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon; a bayonet mount; a flash suppressor or threaded barrel . I guess that a pencil does meet these qualifications if you say so. It sure must be a heavy or large pencil with room for attachments and a magazine. Peace

Jan 22, 2001
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good thread ... i need to catch up on it ... thanks for sharing

cause i wouldn't really know an assault weapon if it walked up on me

good look'n out


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