Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
I use my paper notepad
to the notes and reminder
by the cellular phone
applications of excel and word
helps me to power-point
my power-point be slides
slides of different business tactics
i got a mind installed inside each tactic
so when each tactic is executed
by the business i have constructed
on paper and word
it is simulated without computer programming
then i roll on out on these streets
pull up at the gas station
and just wait while pumping gas
cause somebody of the male youth
gon say what up g or og or big dawg or big bruh or sup fam
then i initiate the response
give a conversation a pitch
ain't really worried about none of my obstacles
cause there are ciphers to be created everywhere
one male listens in
and the next
okay then next
oh yeah then a fifth
geah then a sixth
i got a musical formation in progress
we all on the same trigonometric wave
head nodding
building ideas
and we at the gas station standing in line
buying products
probably altogether tallied up to about fifty dollars
raising consciousness on the real
got no time for a recording
this is a live public announcement times
we all brave
and we all ain't got nothing to lose
so why the funk we wasting times?
Everybody builds and steps
we giving dap to each other and steps
like funk it
yo that's a real never ignorant getting goals accomplished
and we ain't bullshyting
could care less about some demographics
cause we ain't coming demo no more
plus we realer than any dimensional force
with or without the pixels
jumps in my ride
like a sermon hit they chest-plate
open them hearts up and mindsets
as i proceeded to set'trip
taking the lesser educated on a knowledgeable ride
their ears received importance via sound wave stored inside their lobes
long to short term memory
they will never forget
i threw my pitches by the tones
had everybody on different keys tossing ideas making a major six key chord
all resonance hits
i got magickal flicks
get that light bulb to sparking
make you smoke a cigarette to yourself
just to look at it like i am killing myself
being you crazy inside
i wanna put down that tar and arsenic poison
chill back with my kids eating healthier solo
exploring my gifts and talents from my inside
and just ride...
i'm on a mission to be a truer truth
and ain't no religion got nothing to do with it
or these false characters out here ain't fading themselves by a longshot
i don't care about yo swag
immah bring funk upon you rising jealousy in the form of envy as no surprise
watch you steady rise like a balloon with a string attached
that's your stee
while i am too busy hardening my tree
they call me militant-minded
i stand for my own evolutionary purposes
everywhere i go
i wanna see what i wanna see
and what i need to see
so funk it...
i got no more tears in a bucket
paint my own pictures on the real
from my mindset onto a blank canvas being held by a still
compare the newer results to the before
i'm out to grab mine and redo it like a prophecy i have already written
straight problem solver
a higher ideal mathematician to the brain
i'm doing this for my own-self and not for your love of being in vain
i ain't thinking about you
could care less about yo swag
set up a party to be played
take yo cash
and that rampant energy
empty your soul on the dance-floor
strip you of your power
conduct my business by the universal hour
time after time again
could care less about your retirements
make you grow younger by age
forcing you to get a job again
you thought that money was going last you until the very very end
while gentrification out to raise taxes on your properties
i will be busy snatching the unemployed quicker off the streets
cause this is chess and monopoly
my empire
my first dynasty
i got men who get paid
by the hundreds to the thousands they all say
what is your corps?(echoing and ain't nobody laughing about the trigonometric wave we constructed cause this is business and economics)

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