Black People : What I Share With Black Afrikan People Is Not Out Of This World!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
What I share with Black Afrikan people is not out of this world but is about this world and all who do not point to you the way of how to reject this evil world deceiving indoctrination and not for you to complain about what they are not sharing with you, a solution that will have you to know and not prevent you from knowing and not show to you the way that will have you to enter the circle of Divine Freedom, those are your enemy Black Afrikan people and I care less who it might be who will lie to you in such a way that have Black Afrikans with a Mental illness we been programmed to become a victim of today!!!

Because, when you know the Divine Truth about God and Self, you become immune to what the believers believe about you because they are sure as hell do not know you, beloved.

I am not seeking your adulations beloved, you have been made to be mental unable to detect the difference in being Human and being Divine so all of your perception about living is flawed coming from the Human Being mind you now allow to guide you to our Black Afrikan Damnation which has Black Afrikans stuck mentally in a caste of lying and deceiving, that beloved is the spirit of the racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being beloved.

Year come and Year Come, and we Black Afrikans stay in the vice of self-rejection, it is what have Black Afrikans to be always putting on a overt show performing with a spirit that show no desire to protect the Black self from all of the self-demeaning information white folks educate you about while learning not a **** thing about the Divine Truthfulness about What God Is, and who our Black behind is in relationship to the Divine Essence, and it is the creator, the author of belief that is not going to give to your Black behind the keys to the Divine knowledge box that hold the directions to your Freedom, beloved.

Hey! Black Woman And Man, The Divine Truth is not popular in a Lying Deceiving World and that is the reputation of the world we Black Folks now live in, beloved.

Here we are getting now ready to take another journey around the Sun God Ra, and all that we do is provide lip service to Amen-Ra, To Nu, Nut, Nepthyh, to the Infinite God-On', the God of all Gods and you under such indoctrination is incapable mentally to know what The Divine Essence, God Is, the Divine God before being placed in a self-belief etymology that place and give to words their creation and meaning based on a flawed conceptual category that verifies an ignorance about what God and your Black Self-relationship is to that Divine Essence, The Greater Infinite Good-GOD.

I follow not the dictates of my oppressors concerning what they educate me to believe, I involve myself with the Divine Reality of me Being of the Divine Essence of Everything and hold all there is to know about the power of Infinite Existence all such Divine Knowledge being intrinsic in the Dark Energy Infinite Intelligence and by its Divine presence, all things Nature Design to be, Beloved.

We will not become as we are Designed to be following a flawed Doctrine about God And the way to Live, all such Divine information is a part of the energy action of your Mind,

Yet, we have been well educated to believe the opposite to what we have been Designed to know and to Know have you rotating and revolving in the circle of Infinite Information you with the Mental ability to LEARN what you have been Designed To Know By The Prime Representative Of The Divine Essence, Nature, Beloved!!!

Remember, Your Master Teacher In The Physical, Is Experience!!!

You Who Is Wise Enough To Know, Will Innerstand What Has Just Been Shared With Black Afrikan People!!!

So Yes, Reparation/Repatriation, it represents Freedom for All Black AfrikansTo Be In Afrika, fo only inside of you and in Afrika, is where your Freedom Reside and the Black Power To Protect Your Right To be Free is inside of you In Afrika, your Present Obligation Is To Your Enslaved Ancestors is to innerstand that and Reparation/Repatriation it represents and presents Freedom for all Black Afrikans to be inside of you and in Afrika, is where your Black Power Reside, beloved!!!

This Is No Believing Religious Come On I Am Presenting To Black Afrikan People, This Is The Essence Of Your Divine Living Reality Which By Being Educated By That Racist Lucifer Human Being Have Black Afrikans without Divine Knowledge Of Self, Which Is Why We Behave As We Do Today, Beloved.

Religion Is Your Enemy And Not Your Salvation Black Afrikan Woman And Man, Take This Divine Truth Or Ignore It, You Will Suffer The Consequences Of Your Flawed Human Being Mind, Beloved, Which Is Religious By Lucifer Design!!!

Divine Respect

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