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May 11, 2006
got bold skills and like an old mill maybe inactive but been attractive to HIPHOP flip a lot of minds here at the pharmacy, put haters on elevators because this stuff is all the way up rap and shook adapted a book for a movie make it a dramatic creation the kind of static seen in a nation we have true romances and new circumstances gonna stay under radar as the thunder to bizarre to talk about, look been to HIPHOP COLLEGE now skip the garbage and just drop knowledge so ready or not I'm like FETTY WAP keep a beat up my sleeve aw freaks please it is what it is, today went to the PHARMACY for eye drop saw a girl with pie hot I try not to concentrate on her cake so fine it dominate my mind so I'm thrill in AMERICA to fulfil the character of a playboy now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH two December and my motorcycle crank case breather gear is lost in the mail, outside my Hummer is blue "SO BOO what number you?" "OH NUMBER four well I come here and wait it seems boys appear for cake some been craving to start the day out-front is LYNNHAVEN PARKWAY, SEVEN ELEVEN on the left I'm aware a true cutie and boys do their duty they rap fast wanna undo my bra strap and smash my KOREAN RICE CAKE, oh they really wanna go to bed I guess because my lipstick glow red no dreads in your head just waves I can run my fingers through with boys in collisions sometime have to make decisions with my mind and like religion it's a sign of the time, folks worship the ANTICHRIST well enough of that, for a KOREAN GIRL at the pharmacy action of any kind could lead to satisfaction and plenty wine many times, oh a KOREAN GIRL go through a lot here in VIRGINIA BEACH so many oodles and noodles exist and then there's that Yankee Doodle kiss can't miss that, now it's here with force on a severe course I'm one pathetic cute on an energetic pursuit get credit for astute behavior, strange advice is wild have to change my lifestyle across SALEM ROAD HOME DEPOT to the right in front of WALMART a tall start for the day pass WALMART stand PRINCESS ANNE ROAD here in stress boys plan to load a ton of love talk in girl's ears as their worlds appears to be stuck like them trees, when the cat away the mice will play but anyway a nice day I hear plenty mess when in a mini-dress boys see my sweaty oriental yellow thighs and want some, I think you wanna take my cake and squeeze and make believe we're in bed my lips been red then pretend we're boyfriend and girlfriend OK your scripture is fine but it leaves a picture in my mind called imagination and the fragmentation spread to my brain and keep me ahead in the game the color red tame boys, halt mean stop ,walk as a queen and hot to talk extreme is a lot
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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Hi rhymebad ... what posts are missing?

If you go to your profile page there is a link there called postings.

Click it and you will see all of your threads.

This link may show them to you too, but I'm not sure if my search shows to you.

If that is not the case, or you have some that are missing, let me know which.

Love You!



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