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Oct 1, 2017
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Actually "Philosophy" is the "Mother Of All Sciences". It spawned the very first proven aspect of alchemy which eventually planted the seed of definitive science, mathematics and biology. Astrology has long been debunked as a platform for prophecy, predictions, foretelling, forecasting, astral projection, telekinesis, the ability to seer, clairvoyance or second sight, sceances, mediums, fortune tellers, tasseography, bone readers and others that for the life of me and tens of millions of other poor people, can't predict tomorrows winning lottery numbers. A bold few actually say they posses such ability but say they absolutely refuse to indulge in such practice as it is considered unethical in their niche community. Gimmie a break, If I could predict the winning lottery numbers I would be a gazzilionair who would be lighting my Havanas, blowing my nose and wiping my buttcrack with hundred dollar bills.,,-10563,00.html





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