Black People : What Ever Happened to the Black Agenda?


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Jan 14, 2005
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[QUOTE="CreativeGrl, post: 977006, member: 24056" I think a big problem we have as a people is that we keep waiting for one person to come and take the lead and tell us EXACTLY what the agenda is.

EXACTLY how to pursue it, where to pursue it, what time to pursue it, and what to wear while we pursue it.

We keep waiting for the next Malcolm or Martin.

And in the meantime, while we're waiting... and waiting... :sleeping: and waiting (and talking) nothing much is changing.

I think everyone who cares about the betterment of our people can make a difference as an individual based on our individual talents and passions.

Good at teaching?

Become a teacher or a tutor a child. Maybe start your own school.

Good at mentoring the youth? Become a mentor or a youth minister.

Know about business? Help others grow and nurture their own black business.

Good at fixing cars? Teach some of the boys in your area hanging out in the street (getting in trouble) how to fix cars.

Some people are passionate about helping ex-cons re-enter the workforce, others are passionate about helping black people succeed in the workplace.

Some people choose to lead marches in the streets, while others choose to pursue change from within the political and criminal justice systems.

I don't fault anybody for doing any of these. They're ALL important. In fact, I think the only way to solve these problems is to come at it from every direction,from all angles, and using all different methods and strategies.

But my main point is that we don't have to sit and wait for a black savior to come along and hand deliver an agenda to us on a silver platter before we start to do anything. /QUOTE] But CreativeGrl, there is no escaping the TRUTH is there, that we peoples of African ethnicity in the UK, USA, the rest of the Diaspora and Africa are all frontline soldiers in a War [whether we want to fight or not] that has NEVER EVER been openly declared then [from 3000 BCE] or even now by THESE so despicably cowardly Semitic/White PARASITES, just very very efficiently waged/don’t they JUST DO IT, as standard?

Nubia/Khemet/Egypt’s African Pharaohs [Amenhotep, Menkare, Rameses I & II] battled and resisted the Semitic hordes for millennia but from the moment Alexander the Macedonian peasant overran Khemet [made himself Pharaoh/started the Ptolomys dynasty that ended with Cleopatra] we've been losing this so despicably cowardly but still undeclared WAR on Africa/Africans, with the situation becoming a rout when Augustus [Julius Caesar's nephew, heir and history's most maliciously EVIL/ consciously DESTRUCTIVE cultural vandal] deliberately destroyed [Khufu’s facial attributes on the Sphinx] Khemet's most spectacular Pyramid [the lower third was clad in pink granite whereas those still standing on the Giza plateau today were clad in far softer white limestone] at Abu Rawash, which you've ALL never heard of, have YOU?

That so very deliberate piece of cultural vandalism was done by Augustus Caesar to DELETE DJEDEFRAH from history as this African Pharaoh is now acknowledged as the builder of the Sphinx which honours his father Khufu [who built the Great Pyramid at Giza]; and as exemplified by the murderous carnage in Darfur and the Congo and other resource rich regions of Africa TODAY [still being pillaged by the West’s CHAOS MACHINE template TODAY, which they have subsequently exported to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria with Iran still their primary target in the region] and the inane stupidity of the way those so consistently clueless CLOWNS Goodluck, Zuma and co sanctioned/collabora ted with/allowed Africa’s greatest EVER Arab benefactor [Muammar Gaddafi] and his regime to be slaughtered by NATO in 2011, aren't WE still in very very BIG trouble/losing this WAR?

Though undeniably the historical record highlights that the Semitic/Arab onslaught on Africa predates that of Europe by 2 millennia and that the peoples of African ethnicity have NOTHING to gain from either camp; doesn’t this so flaccid ongoing attempt by their mass media machine to point the finger of blame/throw stones at Islam in the 21st century come from Christians who are existing in easily the largest glasshouse on the planet, as underlined by the fact that don’t all the countries of the Americas and Australasia have Western European/white elites running them, currently speak/have European as opposed to indigenous languages as their national tongue, as standard?

Don’t Europe’s own history books highlight that exterminating any one or thing that they perceive to be different/even a little dangerous is in fact a very integral part of the European collective ethos/asili as opposed to ours; as underlined by the manner in which ALL the wolves, wild boars, bears etc that used to roam Europe in general, Western Europe specifically were exterminated hundreds of years ago [along with the so very cynical extermination of the buffalo in the USA to cull the native Americans], in stark contrast to Africa's so many large far more dangerous elephants, hippopotamuses, rhinos, giraffes, zebras and even apex predators like lions, cheetahs, giant pythons and crocodiles still existing TODAY?

How many European or Africans monarchs have ever conquered as many countries/ethnic groups as Genghis Khan, aren't virtually all of those countries still independent sovereign nations TODAY, whereas when is that EVER likely to be the case for the indigenous peoples of the Americas and Australasia who actually managed to survive [not be totally exterminated like many Native American clans and all the indigenous Tasmanians, but have been relegated into a minority powerless underclass in their homelands] the ongoing European/Christian onslaught?

Wishing this WAR away hasn't worked for the African collective in the USA, the rest of the Diaspora and Africa for the last 500 years because Slavery and Colonialism didn't so much end as evolve into the current reality of White/European socio-economic domination in every area of human activity so why are WE expecting them to EVER highlight successes like Nigeria’s beautiful modern city Abuja or what Thomas Sakarna achieved in Burkina Faso and Muammar Gaddafi achieved in transforming Libya from one of the poorest countries in the world, into the richest?

Additionally don’t we also have the GAP community of Tulsa’s circa 1920 still so doable TODAY socio-economic template for our communities in the USA, UK and the rest of the Diaspora; as opposed to our consistently inept leadership’s focus on re-inventing the wheel, thus why are we surprised at the current POWER ELITE/LUCIFERIAN LUNATICS inc keeping their formal systematic mis-education system’s schools, colleges, universities and their mass media spotlight on [what they WANT TO SEE totally baffled and confused SELF HATING Coloured Black NEGROBOTS] the murderous chaos in many of our communities and countries in both the Diaspora and Africa, as our only possible future?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?

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